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We’re a little late with our Liebster Award answers, but first we’d like to thank heisui for her nomination, as well as her continuing support of Cfensi. Not only is she an amazing contributor to the drama blogosphere, she always makes an effort to comment on our posts, plug our Photoshoot Fridays, and share her Legend of Zhen Huan expertise. We greatly appreciate you~ ♥

Unfortunately, not all of our writers were available to answer, but we hope you enjoy the responses from those who could.

A full roster of the writers for our site this year would be idarklight, Jo, Loryy_G, Benji, Bumbleberri, cloudandsea, emsterz (who was already tagged by hesui. You can find her blog here), and 0kuo0 (by the order we started writing for Cfensi)~

Questions from heisui:

1. What was your favorite drama of 2013 and why?
Jo: Kind of embarrassed to say this, but probably Just You with Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo. I actually didn’t watch that many dramas in 2013 because I was making the transition between college life and work life, but from the looks of things, I didn’t miss out on much.

Loryy_G: I have two favorite dramas from 2013, from idol genre is Love’s Band-Aid and from costume genre is Legend of Lu Zhen. Love Band-Aid starring Yedda Chen and Bryant Chang had just the right mix of friendship and comedy to even out the romantic angst for me. Plus the sibling relationship and the kid was a adorkable! Legend of Lu Zhen comes down to Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying’s acting and on-screen chemistry. I think the biggest factor is that the dubbing didn’t distract from the acting and flow of the drama.

2. What are your top two bromances?
idarklight: Sherlock x Watson overall, and  most recently their Chinese counterparts Bao Zheng x Gongsun from New Detective Squad. In general, if there are two people or objects, I ship them.  (If you’re in the Dad shipdom, I made the infamous MV shipping Tian Liang and spice packets.)

Jo: I don’t actively ship any bromances, but Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao are essentially the definition of bromance. So are Ma Xueyang and Liu Zhoucheng of Top Combine, despite their constant attempts to emphasize how much they’re into girls.

jjss08: Those two guys in my French class… Whoever we’re reading in class right now? Last time it was Heart of Darkness, and I got such strong MarlowxKurtz and TheRussianxKurtz vibes…Tian Liang and Zhang Liang (partly because of their kids~)

Loryy_G: Sterek. But it’s not really a Bro-mance… Maybe the cute relationship between Ning Huanyu and Bai Jugang?

0kuo0: I can’t really come up with two so I guess I’ll do two very different types of bromances that I can appreciate.

One would obviously be Startling with Each Step as an example of bromances gone right. This drama has a plethora of bromances but I would have to choose 14th prince and 8th prince for keeping the bromance within the realm of reality and not letting it get out of control and ruining everything. Props to 14th for sticking with 8th for that long even though they were clearly headed downhill. 13th did the same but he was under house arrest for most of those years and couldn’t do anything. 14th was still a brother in every sense of the biological definition to 4th and could have easily exploited that for himself but didn’t throughout all those years. Props.

The other bromance would have to be between the Emperor and 17th prince in The Legend of Zhen Huan. It wasn’t exactly a true bromance in every sense of the word but the relationship was toned down to fit the characters with the emperor’s scheming and 17th’s care-free idealisms. It displayed none of the overdone mourning-of-the-relationship-lost scenarios nor the over-the-top earth-moving loyalties which are exploited way to often to milk the masses. Instead, the author accurately displayed time wearing away at what once was and I have to give credit to that.

3. Are there any actors or actresses that have become one of your new biases/favorites lately?
idarklight: If it’s not obvious enough … Tian Yucheng! And everyone else on that show.  Also  Wang Kai in New Detective Squad.

Jo: The closest one is probably Lin Gengxin, since I finally watched Bu Bu Jing Xin and then slogged through Drama Go Go Go for him. But I don’t think I would list him as a bias, since I haven’t felt the need to go through his entire filmography.

jjss08: …Nicolas Tse~ I recently became a huge fan of his face :P Also…idarklight, I’m going to steal from you; I’m completely in love with the Dad? cast.

Loryy_G: Qi Wei. She is such a versatile actress and I love her off screen personality.

0kuo0: I’ll have to keep an eye on Korean-actress-with-career-built-in-mainland-China Qiu Cixuan (Choo Jahyun). Her acting needs some work or she just needs that astounding script to actually project her out there but she does seem to know how to choose projects with The Mu Saga and The Legend of SouthWest Dance and Music. Also, props to her for building her career in such difficult circumstances and thriving.

4. Favorite screencap, still, poster, etc. lately?
Jo: Anything from Huang Xiaoming’s Cruel Romance. I’m so excited for that drama.

jjss08: Nicolas Tse’s face (from all the screencaps of that drama…)! I also loved Bite of China 2‘s poster (this too), and the new ones (especially the Gu Yuan/Zhou Chongguang version, haha) for Tiny Times 3~ But also…THESE.

0kuo0: I don’t remember where I saw it and can’t really find it but there was a screenshot of Ruby Lin for Long Ballad sitting on her phoenix throne/recliner that really made me want to storm into wherever they are storing this drama before airing and steal it.

idarklight: This adorable photo of Tian Yucheng and this photo of Jelsa are my current cellphone wallpaper and screen saver.

5. What character(s) are you similar to, or what character(s) do you relate to the most?
Jo: Assuming this is regarding dramas, I’d have to say Shen Xingren (Alice Ke) from Office Girls. I’m not as disciplined or as stingy as she is, but I’m a pretty normal girl (one of my close friends says I’m so normal that I’m weird) and I would likely react similarly to her if I were put in the same situation. (Actually, no, I would probably be spazzing 24/7 because of my proximity to Roy Qiu, but that’s a different issue entirely…)

0kuo0: An Lingrong from The Legend of Zhen Huan. You would think Hua Fei or some other outstanding character but, after some thought, Lingrong was my favorite because of how well the actress and writer portrayed people who read too much into things.  As the drama depicts, sometimes there are props to this ability but knowing too much also means you might get hurt and become very fickle.

6. List one new year’s resolution for 2014.
Jo: Read more than 120 books, with a focus on recent releases and nonfiction.

jjss08: …Embarrassed to say mine after seeing Jo’s…

Loryy_G: What Jo jjss08 said…. But I do wish I have more time to read this year.

0kuo0: Working on my Chinese abilities so I can read more.

7. What country are you from or what country are you living in currently?
Jo: I’m from and currently living in the United States, though I frequently wish I were in Taiwan.

jjss08: United States, from the mainland~

0kuo0: United States.

8. Himono-onna or suteki-joshi? (to clarify: suteki-joshi basically means “beautiful/lovely girl”. It is the opposite of himono-onna in the sense that, a suteki joshi is always refreshing and sparkling. hehe.)
0kuo0: O_O…. I’m going based on online definitions but I think himono-onna would be more annoying to deal with and live with in real life (depending on how bad their habits are) while they make more interesting characters on screen. Suteki-joshi are nice and all but there’s also those people on screen and unfortunately also in real life who take it too far. If I had to choose, in drama-land, I guess I would have to go with himono-onna since too much sparkle and glitter is one of my pet peeves.

9. What is another one of your guilty pleasures? (besides dramas)
Jo: Probably reading, especially now that I’m in the workforce and don’t have lots of downtime for pleasure reading. Or longboarding, though I usually justify that by saying that’s how I get exercise. xP

jjss08: Nutella.


0kuo0: I might sound like an old fogy for doing so but I play mahjong on my phone and make Chinese knots when I’m bored.

10. How would you like to be remembered in the blogosphere?
Jo: That one writer who posts too much about Huang Xiaoming.

jjss08: The one who connected Cfensi with “Ni Ni” and “gorgeous”?

0kuo0: I’ve met a couple people who have completely lost touch with their ancestry and heritage and I really felt bad for them. I guess as long as I can help a couple people in these regards, then I am satisfied.

idarklight: Ideally Wang Leehom’s wife, but the chances of that seem to be dwindling…

11. What is your favorite theme song?
idarklight: My all time favorite is Sanbao’s theme to The Road Home. I have too many loves to count (all of Anson Hu’s ZGF themes!) , but the ones I’ve added in 2013 are Xiaoke’s Vines, Dreams, and Li Sheng’s Moon Sun Stars. And Where Are We Going, Dad? if that counts.

Jo: For the longest time, it was Zhuan Wan from Nicky Wu’s Xiao Shiyi Lang, but last year it got booted out by Yi Nian Zhi Zhuo, Hu Ge and Alan’s duet for Bu Bu Jing Xin.

jjss08: This one from Qin’s Moon (Moonlight/Yueguang by Anson Hu)…but it’s been my favorite for so long that it seems fair to list something else. Painted Heart from Painted Skin. For non ZGF, Where Are We Going, Dad? for sure, because it’s so cute…and Three Inches of Heaven? (Indecisive)

0kuo0: I tend to get tired of music VERY quickly but one song I still haven’t been able to get out of my head is Tianxia Wushuang from Return of the Condor Heroes 2006. The way they ended up pacing the song and the beat is kinda different and my brain is still trying to figure out why it’s so interesting to me.

Questions for our readers:

Since we’re pretty late to the Liebster party, we decided to skip the part where you nominate 10 blogs and give them 10 questions. Instead, we’re just going to list 10 questions here and let you, the readers, answer to your heart’s content. (You definitely don’t have to answer all of them, but we’d enjoy some responses to at least a few questions…)

To let you in on a little secret… we’ve actually been going through a lot of discussion on how we want to improve Cfensi and make it your go-to source for mainland Chinese entertainment news. Since our readers are such an important part of Cfensi, we’d love your feedback on what you like and what you might want us to change.

If you have other ideas not addressed by the questions, please feel free to include them in your comments! Our questions are meant more like guidelines, for those readers who aren’t quite sure what they want to say.

1. What type of articles did you most enjoy?

2. Which artist(s) would you like to see on Cfensi more often?



5. Why do you think there’s a lack of male bloggers in the Chinese entertainment blogosphere? (For bloggers outside of Cfensi: feel free to respond to this in your own Liebster responses~) Of course, you can also leave a note in the comments…

6. Is there anything you wish we’d change about the website layout?

7. For those who were with us back when we were hosted at dramaddicts.com, you may remember that we had a discussion forum. Is a forum something you’d like us to bring back?

8. If you could meet only one Chinese celeb in your entire life, who would it be and why?


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