Photoshoot Friday: February 21, 2014

In this latest Photoshoot Friday, Michelle Chen takes on the look of a cold beauty – practicing as the next little dragon girl even now? – while Wang Luodan goes for a carefree, girl by the beach sort of look. Meanwhile, Ni Ni smiles with colored lace and pearls, and Yang Xue goes for a more glamorous style. Chris Li Yuchun‘s look is much more tomboyish. 01. Michelle Chen

02. Wang Luodan

03. NI NI

04. Yang Xue

05. Chris Li Yuchun

4 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: February 21, 2014

  1. I will not be watching this drama as I really dont think Michelle is the correct person for this role. But with the current PR it is getting, the drama may do well.

    This is the type of photoshoot where you comment “hottie with a naughty body”. SO so pretty in the all white outfit and the first one. Danggggg she’s making me have a girl-crush on her all over again. These are by far the best shoots I’ve seen of the actress since….. 2007? When Struggle 奋斗 came out? Wang really suits the long hair, which she hasn’t been sporting foreverrrr.

  3. Love Wang Luodan’s photoshoot! And the ones of Li Yuchun and her guitar. <3

    And yay for a week where all of the "weeklies" got posted! ;)

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