Jane Zhang Invites You to Fulfill Your Dreams

Jane Zhang at Disneyland

Jane Zhang: I know that this gesture is very unsophisticated, but at the same time, I know that when I make this gesture, I am very happy. Confusing? Don’t worry about it. #张靓颖梦想计划# #我是我的#

Fulfilling one’s dreams is a pretty common theme when it comes to music, but Jane Zhang is taking it one step further with her new single, “I Am Mine” (我是我的), and her Worldwide Dream Plan, which she kick-started by visiting Disneyland on February 18th. Following her visit to the Anaheim, CA theme park, Jane will travel to a different place each month for the entire year in order to fulfill a dream or take on an interesting challenge.

But there is a twist! Instead of focusing on her own dreams, Jane is inviting her fans to share their dreams with her through Sina Weibo or its short-video app Miaopai. To participate, fans have the option of posting a photo of themselves doing something similar to Jane while adding the hashtags #张靓颖梦想计划# (Jane Zhang’s Dream Plan) and #我是我的# (Mine Mine). Those who aren’t photograph-inclined can simply like, forward, or comment on Jane’s posts.

Participants will then get the opportunity to make a wish and let Jane fulfill their dream for them! Each month, 20 lucky winners will also receive a postcard handwritten by Jane herself.

“Dreams are not something you do alone,” Jane explained on her Dream Plan hashtag page. “When you are concentrated on chasing your dream, you can bring positive energy to many more people and encourage many more people to change and give things a try. This is what a dream is.”

To wrap up this post, have a cute video of Jane meeting Mickey Mouse! Video upload thanks to janefever12, who also has five more Jane-at-Disneyland clips, including one of her on the Spinning Cups ride, which was my favorite ride as a kid. C:

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