Weibo Wednesday: February 19, 2014

Even though it’s been three weeks since our last round-up, there’s not much to report from the Weibo front. I guess all of our favorite celebs have been too busy having fun during the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival to waste time on Weibo… which is how the holidays should be spent, amirite?

Anyway, for those of you wondering whether or not you’re a famous Chinese celebrity, here’s an easy litmus test: turn on the TV during the Chinese New Year season and see if you see yourself on the screen. If yes, you’re probably famous, like Vicki Zhao Wei, whose Princess Returning Pearl (还珠格格) has been a Hunan TV staple since it originally aired in 1998. This is reportedly the 15th time the channel has rerun the series.

Vicki Zhao Wei in Huan Zhu Ge Ge

赵薇: 我能说打开电视一惊嘛?这节过得好逗

Can I say that I was startled when I turned on the TV? Very amused this holiday

Her Princess Returning Pearl costar Alec Su also joined in on the fun. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over how cute he was back then!

Alec Su in Huan Zhu Ge Ge

蘇有朋: 爹啊,過年好哇!爹啊,記得洗腳啊!

Dad, have a good New Year! Dad, remember to wash your feet!

In case those two examples aren’t enough, here we have Wang Leehom doing more or less the same thing. (Except he wasn’t in Princess Returning Pearl, thank goodness. I don’t want to imagine him bald.)

Wang Leehom in My Lucky Star

王力宏: 今天打開電視竟然發現有 非常幸運 陪大家一起過年!大家看了嗎?這部電影確實很適合過年!

Turned on the TV today and suddenly discovered that My Lucky Star is spending the New Year with everyone! Has everyone seen it? This movie really is suitable for the New Year!

In cute family news, Tian Liang shared about daughter Cindy Tian Yucheng‘s standards for her future boyfriend. Zhang Tiantian, take note!

Tian Liang and Cindy Tian Yucheng

田亮: 拼积木那天,森碟问了一个严肃的问题:爸爸妈妈谁先喜欢上谁?我回:同时吧。她又说:你喜欢她她同意,她喜欢你你也同意,然后结婚了?窃喜女儿都会抢答了,我说对对,问她:觉得妈妈选择对嘛?女儿:选的对,我长大要找个你的朋友当男朋友。女儿啊,你的标准好奇怪,是想说找个像爸爸这样的吧

The day we pieced together the building blocks, Cindy asked me a serious question: Who liked who first, Dad or Mom?

I replied: Should be at the same time.

She then said: You liked her and she agreed, she liked you and you agreed, and then you got married?

Secretly delighted that my daughter could rush to answer a question, I said, Yes, yes, and then asked her: Do you think Mom made the right choice?

Daughter: She did. When I grow up, I want to find one of your friends to be my boyfriend.

Daughter, your criteria are so strange. You meant to say you want to find someone who is like me, right?

And winning the award for random post of this round-up, here is Chen Xiang poking fun at a common Asians-taking-photographs problem.

Chen Xiang with big eyes

陈翔橙: 每次拍照都要刻意把眼睛缩小才像地球人 新的一年要真实做自己 其实我的真实面貌是这样 我抱着的是我地球的主人

Every time I’m in a photo, I will deliberately shrink my eyes so I seem more like an earthling. This new year, I will be my true self. Actually, my real face looks like this. The one I’m holding is my master on earth.

No photo for this last one, but it’s about Cruel Romance (锦绣缘·华丽冒险) and is cute, so I’m including it. (Keep in mind that Huang Xiaoming‘s studio was one of the investors for the drama, trololol.)

Huang Xiaoming: This drama satisfied Chen Qiao’en’s wish of being in a “nouveau riche” cast and being able to eat two packed meals each time.
Chen Qiao’en: And also my wish of eating many cakes.

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