Random news updates


  • Trailer for Tang Yan, Yang Rong,  Hawick Lau’s  The Lady & the Liar  here.
  • Zhao Liying, Hawick Lau’s  Secret of the wife to air on Hunan TV in March.
  • Following the Ancient Sword, Huanrui receives approval for another fantasy wuxia series, Kunlun 昆仑, based on the book of the same name.
  • Zhao Liying, Han Dong, and Zhou Fang’s Lovebirds series 错点鸳鸯·戏点鸳鸯 finally to air on satellite on the 20th. While part 1 is a bit all over the place, I’m a big fan of part 2’s Han Dong – Zhou Fang pairing.  After watching part 2 at least three times, I’m so excited for a HD version!

  • So you know how Zhang Liang/Tian Liang both have said they’ve rejected all the filming offers for their kids? Well, something must’ve been in the wine when Zhang Liang called.  For on that fine night where Zhang Liang didn’t change his clothes the next morning,   the two dads changed their mind.
    “Earlier I was chatting with (Zhang) Liang , if there were any good film and TV productions, if they came to our two kids, we could carefully check it out,” said Tian Liang in a recent interview. He also said in another one that while he was chatting with Zhang Liang that time, they wanted to find opportunities for their kids to collaborate again.


  • Xi Jinping references Wang Zhengliang’s  song,  “Where has time gone?”, when talking about his hobbies, which include reading, watching movies, traveling, and taking long walks on the beach.
  • Laure Shang, the queen of non-mainstream mainstream pop, is forming  a boyband of her own.   Follow the search process here.


  • Feng Shaofeng, Chen Qiao’en,Chen Bolin begin filming for  Han Han’s new film Until we never meet 后会无期.  Video here.
  • Feng Shaofeng, Shawn Dou’s Wolf Totem  by director Jean-Jacques Annaud releases stills here.
  • Director Zhang Yimou joins LETV.

Super Random

  • Yang Mi apparently ate Peking duck for three weeks in a row at one point of her pregnancy.  I want to be her, except not pregnant. Hawick Lau interview here.

2 thoughts on “Random news updates

  1. LOL “Lady & the Liar” has gone through so many minor English name changes… First it was “Lady & the Liar,” then “The Lady & the Liar,” and now “Lady & Liar.” Just pick one and stick with it, producers!

    Lucky Yang Mi. :D

  2. haha, the yang mi news is too cute~ xD
    By collaboration, could they mean a series where the two kids play a pair of childhood friends? :P I want to see more of them, but at the same time, I don’t want them to stay in the limelight for too long… ):

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