Music Monday:Februrary 17, 2014

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Starting the lunar new years with another unexpected collaboration, GOOD NIGHT MY LOVE (penned and composed by Wei Chen) is a special Valentine’s Day duet performed by Vision Wei Chen 魏晨 and Laure Shang Weijie 尚雯婕. The music video follows Wei Chen from street to street, store to store, looking for the perfect gift for this Valentine. [MR]

I Oppose 我反对 is the recent single from eeMedia resident rocker Tan Weiwei 谭维维.null
However, due to lyrical content (cursing) the song is banned from air play. Tan Weiwei explained her reason for the cursing, “while it is foul language, but it is directed towards this messed up world, toward the hypocrites and their criticisms. I do not want to criticize others as some kind of supreme moral judge or philosopher, and I just wanted to express myself. [ifeng]

After You Smile 微笑以后 is written by Khalil Fong especially for Jane Zhang 张靓颖.nullThree years ago Jane asked Khalil Fong 方大同 to write a r&b song for her in the backstage of an award show. Apparently Khalil just finished his set and Jane is preparing to perform, not letting to let such a great opportunity go to waste. Jane stopped Khalil and told him “help me write a song”, to which Khalil answered with a nonchalant “sure”. [163]

The Voice of China seasons 2 winner Li Qi 李琦 debuted his self composed single I Know 我知道. Li Qi appeared on this year CCTV’s Annual Chinese New Year Gala along with other singing contest winners, such as Super Boy Hua Chengyu. [sina]

Zhou Mi 周觅 finally got to sing a good song curtsey of SM The Ballad vol 2. The Chinese version of Blind 太贪心 is a Zhou Mi solo. On a related note, SM finally dug Zhang Liyin out of their basement for this new project.

HAYA Band performance on this week’s Golden Bell Award – Best Voice, this song is titled Eagle’s Flight 飞翔的鹰. They also performed a cover of Faye Wong’s Sky 天空 in this episode.

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  1. In the first paragraph you wrote 尚雯婕 as Shang “Wei”jie instead of Wenjie.

    I find the Tan Weiwei song to be almost nu-metal, especially with the double-kick in the drums. Interesting.

  2. I don’t understand why advertisers keep pairing Laure Shang with “cute” types like Fu Xinbo and Wei Chen. Those companies must have serious identity crises. But yay for both of them anyways!

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