Zhang/Tian Liang family reunion!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival, everyone!

As Zhang Liang finally fulfills his promise to call on the Tian family, the two families (both celebrating wedding anniversaries as well) are a  perfect excuse to wish everyone happy holidays for this day of love and family.

Tian Liang: 2014’s first family reunion begun.  Chef Zhang lend his expert skills, and the fish is as delicious as ever; Tiantian “helps” his dad with putting too much soy sauce in ; Cindy’s laughing so much she can’t close her mouth ;  My job is to play with the kids and finish a set of 12+ lego blocks. Adults chatting, kids playing, what a wonderful moment ~  @Zhang Liang

Also, Cindy teaching you how to pick up a guy, literally:

cindy tiantian

6 thoughts on “Zhang/Tian Liang family reunion!

    • ahahahaha~
      gosh they’re so cute it hurts
      though cindy has a lot of “chemistry” with shitou too :P (^^; my mind is automatically going into “if this were a drama” mode)

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