Tiny Times 3.0 posters, make out edition!

Why have two main male leads paired with the main female leads when you can pair them with each other?

Tiny Times 3.0 shows you that movie posters don’t have to actually relate to the plot as long as there’s fanservice involved.

Why sleep alone when you can kiss someone else? Tiny Times 3.0 cast celebrates Valentine’s Day with a poster series of the main cast about to kiss.

Posters feature Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Kai Ko, Chen Xuedong, Bea Hayden, Xie Yilin, Jiang Chao, Du Tianhao, and newcomers Vivian Dawson, Ren Youming, and Lee Hyunjae.  Note that the posters may have nothing to do with the actual plot and most of those pairings do not exist in the book.

Gong Ming Bea

Yang Mi and Amber Kuo

6 thoughts on “Tiny Times 3.0 posters, make out edition!

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  3. the gu yuan x zhou chongguang one is my favorite.
    curious about nan xiang and xi cheng’s.
    I’m so excited for this movie xD

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