Photoshoot Round-up: Flowers

This round-up is completely different from the other Photoshooy Friday: Florals. See, it’s not even trying to disguise itself as a Friday weekly…

Tong Liya and Kitty Zhang Yuqi are completely ready for spring – the former is surrounded by pink flowers, the latter covered with them. Xu Qing wears them as earrings (so does Eva Huang Shenyi, if you look hard enough), while Liu Shishi and Wang Luodan both deck themselves with lacy flower patterns. I’m going to pass Zhang Ziyi’s black plumes off as leafy ferns.

Yao Chen, more here.

Tong Liya, more here.

Xu Qing, more here.

Zhang Ziyi, more here.

Eva Huang Shenyi, more here.

Zhang Yuqi, more here.

Wang Luodan, more here.

Liu Shishi

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