Fan Bingbing is ‘The Empress of China’


Since she’s already wow’ed the world with her dragon robe dress, Fan Bingbing might as well as be The Empress of China.

Not content with leaving the Tang dynasty after starring as Concubine Yang, Fan Bingbing continues in the Tang dynasty as Empress Wu in upcoming series The Empress of China 少女武则天, her first silver screen project since her last self-produced series, Madame Chin.  She released her first stills on Weibo today.

Concubine Yang vs. Wu Zetian, who do you like her better as?


She might’ve passed for Concubine Yang with this outfit if she weren’t so skinny.


6 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing is ‘The Empress of China’

  1. they are different.. Concubine Yang in her next movie, Empress Wu in her next tv series.. interested in both! she’s the most beauty lady in china :)

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