Sunshine in Me shows off muscles and skin


After beating up Yu Zheng, Shen Tai (R) rejoins his gang of muscular men to prepare for round 2.


Yi Yi  with her groupie … none of these guys are even main characters.

Combining swimming,wrestling, gymnastics, and dance, Sunshine in Me 骄阳似我 is the first series produced by actor Tian Liang. Lucky for us, as a diver, he has no qualms about showing flesh.  Watch the muscles sports themed posters of the leads, including host Yi Yi, Beijing-film-academy-alum-who-beat-up-Yu-Zheng Shen Tai, etc.  below the cut.

Yi Yi

Pan Shuangshuang
Bai Liuxi
Qu Shuangshuang
Shen Tai
Qi Hang

And finally, completely ruining the theme of the photoshoot is producer and one of the leads, Tian Liang
Tian Liang

Tian Liang yellow duck

But at least he’s cute!

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