Nirvana in Fire releases character posters

You would’ve never guessed Nirvana was on fire based on those fur coats. 

While we wait on his Desert Melody, Hu Ge has decided to film another drama transported to  be set in the chaotic Northern and Southern Dynasties period .  Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜, and directed by  Kong Sheng of Chuang GuanDong, promises to be another long epic that follows Hu Ge’s character as he rises from a faked death to clear his family name and help his friend the Prince (Wang Kai) gain the throne. Helping him are his fiancee the General of the South (Liu Tao), the Private Guards General ( Chen Long), and the head of the Langya clan (Jin Dong).  Haiyan, author of the original book of the same name, pens the scripts.

More information (and possible spoilers) on the synopsis here.  More wispy-white character posters below the cut.

Finally getting rid of the Jamaican braids, Hu Ge instead shows off his braid in the back.

Cosplaying Middle Earth elves with two locks of hair in the front.

Liu Tao pretty in white.

Warrior outfit!

Could Wang Kai finally be playing a straight character? Or will we see plenty of bromance between him and Hu Ge?

Wang Kai can wear white too.

Chen Long, your mustached general at your service.

8 thoughts on “Nirvana in Fire releases character posters

  1. Okay, did some research and now the novel makes so much more sense in terms of relationships.
    Apparently the novel was originally a slash fanfic starring Hu Ge’s character and another one (if you read the book, the guy with two families). Eventually because the story is a pure water story (nothing explicit), the author moved it out and eventually sold it as a non-romance novel. She made some edits to make them “more straight.” But seriously, Wang Kai’s character still spends most of the novel pining for Hu Ge, and Hu Ge spends the rest of his life (literally) scheming to make Wang Kai the Emperor.

    Also, Jin Dong’s playing the doctor! Imo he’s the most obviously flaming guy in the entire series, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out for Jin Dong, who usually plays really serious and stern roles. Maybe he can learn from Wang Kai.

  2. Super excited for this. The only thing I have qualms about is that the writer is the scriptwriter, which means it’ll easy be amazing or the script will be too draggy…

    • I guess we’ll have to see. I’m just happy about the possibility of what looks like another quality period drama to watch. Any idea on this production team’s past track record? That could also be a factor since how they end up cutting and editing it will impact the feel as well.

      • It’s produced by the same team and company (Shandong TV) as Chuan GuanDong. I don’t know if you’ll like it, though, since their stuff tend to be more mainstream (主旋律) and I haven’t heard you mention interest in anything similar.

        • Never watched it… -_-;;;

          It’s probably good. I’m able to appreciate lots of different drama categories if given the time… it’s just I tend to have more patience if there’s nice period costumes and props to stare at…

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