Music Monday: February 3, 2014

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Thank goodness for snow day or I might not be able to do Music Monday again. I do apologize for skipping two (?) weeks of Music Monday. But I’m going to make it up to you guys with some great music in this week’s Music Monday =)

This week Su Xing makes a comeback with a new single, Jimmy Lin sings to his son Kimi, Ding Dang reminding you BBJQ will air sometime this year, and many more.

Let’s start with David Cui 崔龙阳, a Beijing-based grass root musician studying at the University of International Relations (yea…), released his first album 《Hello!》. The music video below is for the English single Mirror, first released in 2012.

(L-R) Cao Qin, Su Xing, Jimmy Lin ft. Kimi, Ren Feiyang

Songs of the Road 一路欢唱 is the newest song from An Xi native Cao Qin 曹秦. Inspired by bands like Beyond, whom he paid homage to with Glorious Years 岁月光辉 in his previous album, Cao Qin started composing his own music. His bei piao (北漂) experience began in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2007 was he able to secure a recording contract. [source]

A year after his forced haitus by both his management company (eeMedia) and record label (Sony Music), Allen Su Xing 苏醒 is back to pursuing his Dream with his own work studio.

Jimmy Lin 林志颖 singing about his Unconditional Love 挚爱 in his Ode to Kimi. Jimmy recorded his son’s voice to feature on this song as a way to remember the child Kimi because kids grow up so fast. But the rest of can remember Kimi by re-watching Where Are We Going? Dad the variety show or the movie, which had the most single day audience.

Valentines day is coming up and for those of you who are single for the holidays, then I guess there wouldn’t be much celebration for you guys. Maybe Star Avenue alumni Ren Feiyang 任飞扬 has the perfect song for you, titled February 14th is Not My Holiday 2月14不是我的节.


(L-R) Ada Zhuang, Ding Dang, Chen Yanfei, Shiga Lin

After the Furture 以后的以后 by Ada Zhuang Xinyi 庄心妍.

The song Not Myself 身不由己 is part of 《步步惊情》 Bu Bu Jing Qing‘s soundtrack, the song is performed by Ding Dang 丁当.

The newest single from Yedda Chen Yanfei 陈彦妃 (Love Band-Aid/爱的创可贴), Chilly Fingertips 微凉的指尖 will be be used as part of the soundtrack for one of her upcoming drama.

HK singer Shiga Lin 连诗雅 released the music video to her new Cantonese single Gotta Be With You 只要和你在一起 on youtube.

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