New Year marks Chinese cinema’s biggest box office day

Which film will y

Cute kids vs. awesome monkey, who would you watch?

The year of the horse begun auspiciously for Chinese cinema as two new films helped it make the biggest box office day in Chinese history with 220 million RMB.

Where are we going? Dad  hit 92 million RMB, breaking the  record for highest box office day for a domestic 2D film made by Personal Tailor 私人订制 in no earlier than last month with 80 million, while The Monkey King broke the record for highest box office day for a domestic 3D film with 100 million RMB. Dad also had the most single day audience, and that’s considering kids under 1.2 m watch for free.  It also broke Tiny Times (also an eeMedia – Enlight film)’ record for most preordered web tickets

The two also had record number of viewers per screening, both going over 100 per screening. Tickets were so hard to come by that a quick Weibo search show many people who had to buy tickets for day 2 instead after waiting in  long lines.  “The Monkey King”, which had more screenings scheduled today, is also the first film that got 1st on its premier at the box office but received a lower percent of screenings the next day, with “Dad” taking over the top spot tomorrow.  While The Monkey King won the premier battle, it’s unclear who’ll win the war of the Spring Festival box office.

In addition, among the two other films opening today,  Wong Jing’s From Vegas to Macau 澳門風雲 starring Chow Yun-Fat, Nicholas Tse took in 27 million while Han Geng, Zheng Kai’s Ex Files 前任攻略 took in 14 million. “Boonie Bear 熊出没,” which broke records for highest grossing domestic animated film last week, continued its success with 4 million.

14 thoughts on “New Year marks Chinese cinema’s biggest box office day

  1. I wish I was in China right now. 5 adorable kids + cute animals = so much love! I wonder if it will make its way onto the net…..

  2. If I was in China, I would definitely watch these munchkins, I can’t get enough of them. Something about the Monkey King always scared me when I was little, does that make me weird?

    • I would’ve definitely went to the cinema multiple times for this series given how many times I used to rewatch the episodes. So cute >.<
      I think this Monkey King is definitely scary, but I adored the TV and cartoon one as a child.

      • > o < I used to watch an episode of the cartoon version when I came home from afterschool every day <3 Totally smitten with the Monkey.
        but…猴哥。。。I think I'd choose Where Are We Going. Wonder who they'll have on for the next season?

    • Not weird at all, little kids need some kind of role model (usually parents) who they can learn from how to live and interact with animals, people can get hurt by animals when not experienced.
      Sometimes accidents even occur to experts (people whose profession involves working with animals), so your instincts were fully functioning when you were little.
      I guess The Monkey King will probably get a rating PG then in the US.

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