Weibo Wednesday: January 29, 2014

Chinese New Year is coming up! What have our favorite celebs been up to in the two weeks leading up to this important holiday?

王力宏: 介紹一對餅乾夫妻給大家認識

First off, we have the result from Wang Leehom and wife Lee Jinglei‘s baking session… aren’t they cute? Maybe all the recently announced and/or married show biz couples should just get together one day and bake cookies. :P

Introducing a cookie couple to everyone.

吴奇隆TD: 今天可能長這樣

Wouldn’t you kill to see Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi baking cookies together? But I guess they don’t have time, since we see that Nicky spends even his off days cleaning out his house… or playing with clothes when trying to organize them, which is close enough.

Today I might look like this

(Nicky is known for posting selcas with the comment, “Today I look like this,” so this post is referring to that.)

刘亦菲: 翻老照片 看到这个 五岁的时候幼儿园表演 那天发烧四十度 因为之前排练好 不甘心放弃 结果表演的时候烧糊涂了把前台当后台跳反了 下台后直接委屈的哭了 那天跳的北风吹 哈哈 好可怜的小样

Crystal Liu Yifei took us down memory lane by posting a few childhood photos of herself. For all those people who love our “Chinese Celebrities When They Were Young” post, make sure to check out the links!

Looking through old photos and saw this one. Five years old during a performance in kindergarten. That day, I had a fever of 40 degrees Celsius. Because I had rehearsed beforehand, I did not want to give up on it. In the end, I was so feverish that I got confused and mistook the front of the stage for the back of the stage and danced in reverse. After leaving the stage, I immediately cried in grievance. That night, we danced “The North Wind is Blowing.” Haha, such a pitiful little one.


Speaking of cute kids… As the cast of Where Are We Going? Dad reunites for Little New Year, Jimmy Lin was able to patch up any residue of hard feelings with Cindy after she didn’t want him as her dad. Jimmy’s manager, also named Yucheng just like Cindy, put up this on Weibo:

Today we saw Tian Liang and Cindy on the plane today. Halfway throughout the flight, she ran over and wanted to hug Kimi’s Daddy! She wanted to watch the trading dads episode! Jimmy asked, why did you cry cry? She sweetly said, next time you can cry, and I’ll take care of you ~ Look at this heartwarming scene.

范冰冰: 出去走走!

Fan Bingbing tries to convince us that she’s a street musician by lugging around a guitar case while strolling around on the streets. Sorry, street musicians usually aren’t so glamorous, hehe.

Going out for a walk!

李冰冰: 谢谢众亲朋好友兄弟姐妹们热辣支持咱家火锅店@热辣壹号 ,老板娘我最近是天天陪朋友吃火锅滴节奏![@ a long list of names] 还有许多朋友因字数有限不能一一@ 了,感谢大家!欢迎再来!

Meanwhile, Li Bingbing celebrated the grand opening of her hotpot restaurant Hot No.1 (热辣壹号), which is a joint effort with artistes Ren Quan and Huang Xiaoming. Many of their celeb friends came to the restaurant to support them — too many for Bingbing to fit in one Weibo post! Which led to some snarkiness from her business partners:

Li Bingbing: Thank you all my friends, family, brothers, sisters, for your fervent support of our hot pot restaurant @Hot No.1. As the lady boss, I recently spent every day eating hot pot with friends! Thank you to [@ a long list of names], and to the many friends whom I cannot include because of the character limit! We welcome your return!
Ren Quan: If you don’t @ me, then Boss Huang will get angry.
Huang Xiaoming: Thanks to Bingbing and Brother Quan for being at the hot pot restaurant these few days. After the New Year, I will take over your shift~

陈乔恩: 馬上有名〜跟馬上有…恩!

Huang Xiaoming and Chen Qiao’en, who have been busy filming Cruel Romance, nevertheless found some downtime to fool around on set…

We will immediately become famous~ And immediately have…grace!

(This is a pun regarding the upcoming Year of the Horse. mashang (馬上) means “immediately” but can also literally mean “on the horse.” The first part of Qiao’en’s message actually sounds like “Ming (i.e. Huang Xiaoming) is on the horse,” which is why she follows it up with “En (i.e. Chen Qiao’en) is on the horse!”)

陈乔恩: 如果你約了女生她不出門,可能有2個原因〜〜她沒有洗頭髮,還有她不願為了你洗頭髮〜

Chen Qiao’en also shared some very true words about having long hair… I agree with this so much, lolol.

If you’ve invited a girl to something but she doesn’t want to go out, there could be two reasons~~ She has not washed her hair, and she is not willing to wash her hair for your sake~

韩栋: 这个可以有

And to end this week’s Weibo Wednesday on an awkward note, here is Han Dong with a weird body… pillow… thing… that has his face on it… and a bowtie…

I can have this one.

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  1. d’aaaw, the Leehom cookies!
    Maybe in 4 or 5 years we’ll see Hawick on Dad, Where Are You? (Or better yet, they’ll have made a Mom, Where Are You, and they can each go on with a twin…) I felt so bad for Little Liu Yifei, seeing the picture xD

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