Feng Xiaogang’s 2014 Spring Gala releases program

Do you remember Yang Liping’s gorgeous Peacock dance from last year?

Chinese New Year’s is on January 31, so the annual CCTV Spring Gala will broadcast the eve before. The official 2014 Spring Gala Weibo (everything’s released on Weibo now) recently released an official list of the upcoming programs for the Feng Xiaogang-directed show. You may recognize Yao Beina, Amber Kuo, Jackie Chan, Lang Lang, Yif, Yang Kun, Liu Huan, and  Sun Nan among them. Jane Zhang, formerly one of Hunan TV’s Supergirls, also promises to make an appearance. Also coming from Super Boys will be Wang Zhengliang and Hua Tianyu.  Personally, I’m looking forward to the “Butterfly Dream” acrobatics, and the song by Mongolian ethnic singer Wulan Tuya.

Welcome to the Year of the Horse! Look below the cut for a list of the upcoming programs. 

1. Short Opening: What is the Spring Gala?
2. Opening Song: 《想你的365天》The 365 Days I Think of You (Coco Lee, Jane Zhang, Lin Zhixuan, Sha Baoliang)
3. Dance《欢歌》Joyous Song
4. Song 《群发的短信我不回》I Won’t Respond to Mass Texts (Hao Yun)
5. Skit 《扰民了你》 Disrupting Your Public Peace (Cai Ming, Hua SHao, Yue Yune)
6. Dance 《万马奔腾》Ten Thousand Horses Gallop
7. Song《时间都去哪儿了》Where Has All the Time Gone? (Wang Zhengliang)
8. Song 《我的要求不算高》My Expectations Aren’t High ( Huang Bo)
9. Skit 《扶不扶》 Will You Help Me or Not? (Shen Teng, Ma Li, Du Raoyu)
10. Song 《倍儿爽》Fun With the Son (Da Zhang Wei)
11. Wushu 《剑心书韵》Sword Heart, Book’s Tune (Jackie Chan, Wang Weibao, Shandong’s martial arts school)
12. Song: 《最好的夜晚》 The Best Night (Tony Leung Ka Fai, Kelly Chen)
13. Oesophageal Speech《空空拜年》Greeting the Year Empty (Liu Cheng)
14. Song《张灯结彩》Decorated With Lanterns and Streamers (A’Bao, Wang Er’ni)
15. Dance《英雄组歌》Hero’s Suite of Songs
1. The “Army Training” dance from the Red Detachment of Woman ballet
2. 万泉河水 Stream Water of Ten Thousand Springs (performed by Sun Nan)
3. 英雄赞歌 Ode to the Hero (Wang Lao, Congzhi Dance Troupe)
16. Song《光荣与梦想》Glory and Dreams (Congzhi Dance Troupe)
17. Dance《符号中国》Code China: Hungarian “Attraction” Dance Troupe
18. Song《玫瑰人生》Life of Roses (Su Fei, Sophia Marceau, Liu Huan)
19. Comic Dialog (xiangsheng)《说你什么好》 Saying Something Good About You(Cao Yunjin, Liu Yuntian)
20. Dance《小马欢腾》Happy Leaping of the Little Horse (Qilin BABY, Yu Jieting, Lian Jiechen, Kongjunlan Children’s Artiste Group)
21. Beijing Opera《同光十三绝》
22. Skit《我就这么个人》I’m Just This Type of Person (Feng Gong, Cai Suifeng, Jiang Shimeng)
23. Meteor Garden theme song《情非得已》Harlem Yu, Lee Minho
24. Physique Show (???)《魔幻三兄弟》The Magical Three Brothers (He Zijun, wang Yuanhu, Li Yiyang)
25. Magic《团圆饭》Reunion Meal (YIF)
26. Song《答案》Answer (Yang Kun, Amber Kuo)
27. Skit《人到礼到》The People Arrive, the Gifts Arrive (Guo Donglin, Niu Li, Shao Feng)
28. Acrobatics《梦蝶》Butterfly Dream (Zhang Wan, Li Tong)
29. Song《老阿姨》Old Aunt (Han Lei)
30. Dance《百花争妍》Beauty Paegent of a Hundred Flowers (Li Qian, Lin Chen)
31. Music:《野蜂飞舞》 Flight of the Bumblebee(Lang Lang, Mo Jie Duo)
32. Song《我的中国梦》 My China Dream* (Zhang Mingmin)
33. Song《天下黄河九十九道湾》99 Inlets of the Yellow River (Wang Xiangrong, a farmer-singer; Du Mingming)
34. Song《套马杆》 Lasso (Wulan Tuya, Wu Rina)
35. Song《卷珠帘》Curled Pearl Curtain (Huo Zun)
36. Song《站在高岗上》Standing on the Cliffside (Wang Xiaomin)
37. Song《在那遥远的地方》In That Far Place (Hua Chenyu)
38. Song《康定情歌》Kang Ding Love Song (Xiao Yihang)
39. Song《青春舞曲》Dance Song of Youth (Li Qi)
40. Song《天耀中华》The Sun Shines (Yao Beina)
41.《年味儿》 Taste of a Year (Zhang Guoli, Duan Xiao, Duan le, Yang Man, Yang Ting, Yang Miao, Yang Qian)
42. Song《难忘今宵》Unforgettable Tonight (Li Guyi, Jiang Dawei, Cai Guoqing, Guan Mucun, Yang Hongji, Qubi A’wu)

*This seems to be a sort of follow-up to the famous song My China Heart, also originally sung by Zhang Mingmin. That song concerned the Japanese government’s portrayal of their presence in China during the Sino-Japanese wars in the textbooks of Japanese textbooks. Given the recent tensions between Japan and China over the Diaoyu islands, as well as Japan’s controversial decision to rewrite their textbooks to affirm the islands as their territory (1)…this year’s Spring Gala may be much more politically charged than the last.

3 thoughts on “Feng Xiaogang’s 2014 Spring Gala releases program

  1. Since Feng Xiaogang’s directing it, I feel like it won’t be that politically charged. Kind disappointed that while he’s known for his humor, his program has more dance and song than ever.
    Most looking forward to Da Zhang Wei’s new song.
    Hua Chenyu’s song choice …

    Also, is this the first year without Song Zuying?

    • How do you follow up Song Zuying and Celine Dion, really. xD Happy Chinese New Year btw :) I’m looking forward to Lang Lang, I guess… and I’m kinda surprised Sophie Marceau is gonna be there, haven’t seen her in ages.

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