“Dad” goes creative with posters

Unsatisfied with the cute but conventional posters above, the kids take their dads matters into their own hands.

For a movie that’s created in a  month, Where are we going? Dad the movie has really impressed with its advertising. Headed by eeMedia’s publicity director Wu Mengzhi (the lyricist for the theme) and N13 Visual Studios, the film has released a string of great posters and trailers. The character posters switch the kids and their dads, while the trailers include actual trailers (below), extras,  baby pink character trailers, and meticulously created concept trailers with forest and road trip themes.  They even got all the moms to sing a theme song with their kids!

 Advanced screenings have generally said it’s hilarious and cute and usual, although some derided the film’s moneymaking tactics. What do you think? Will it be a hit or a flop?

The Princess and the Prince

The Princess and her Prince at the ball.

Cfensi public service announcement of the day:

While previous episodes that emphasized doing good, be it preventing desertification or taking care of the elderly,  this one is unfortunately filmed in a zoo.   Despite the film’s theme of “forest adventures”, zoos are not actually replacements for forests or any other natural ecosystems. Particular of interest is the featuring of the adorable white tiger, whose cuteness is a key selling point of the zoo as well as  a  source of the tigers’ own doom. The white tiger is actually not a species but obtains its color due to a recessive trait that causes a loss of pigment.  Read: lots of in-breeding and health problems. So if you watch the film, don’t be tricked by the zoo’s claims of “protection of endangered species.” More on this  problem, with a focus on the tigers, here.

On the other hand, I think the tiger cubs, both white and non-white, may have beat the pandas in cuteness in this trailer below:

Wang Yuelun

Who’s in charge now?  Angela takes  dad matter into her own hands.

Jimmy Lin

“Daddy’s not Ultraegg, put me down!” Watch Jimmy and Kimi’s trailer here.


“Machoman” Shitou and Guo Tao’s trailer here.

Tian LiangCindy poster

“Woman-who-runs-like-the-wind” Cindy and Tian Liang trailer here.

Zhang Liang

“Heartwarming boy” Tiantian and Zhang Liang trailer here.

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