News round-up


  • Former Marvel CEO, Shanghai Film Group  to create Terracotta super hero.
  • Production set for US-China coproduction The Moon and the Sun starring Fan Bingbing as a mermaid captured to the court of 17th century France.
  • Ann Hui’s The Golden Era releases posters. The bioepic on author Xiao Hong stars Tang Wei, Feng Shaofeng.


  • Yang Mi is three months pregnant with Hawick Lau’s kid.
  • Tong Liya, Chen Sicheng  hold a traditional wedding on Happy Camp
  • Top Combine former member Li Mao joins Huace (New Duke of Mount Deer, Semi-gods and demi-devils) ,  stars with BBFF’s 70 in a self-made film Joker.
  • Lee Jinglei bakes cookies, I wish Wang Leehom was hugging me.


2 thoughts on “News round-up

  1. oh, hoping that this means the Sun and the Moon will air in the US.
    I want Chen Sicheng to shave…excited for bite of china~

    • I read that a couple of years ago, when they had first started the project up, Natalie Portman was going to be the mermaid? So they must’ve had a Western audience in mind, especially since the only Chinese role is an alien form who might not even have real lines…

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