New MV for Bu Bu Jing Qing’s other love triangle

If she can’t have a prince in this life, well, being a princess herself isn’t too bad either.

How often do you see an official music video dedicated to the “other” love triangle? Recently, the “wrongful love” MV version of the Bu Bu Jing Qing theme song “Dust 尘埃” was released, featuring the love triangle between 8th prince stand-in Sun Yizhou, Liu Shishi, and Annie Liu. (No sweat, Nicky Wu, you’ve got the girl in real life!) The synopsis can be found here, and more stills in other Bu Bu Jing Qing posts we’ve written. 

I guess if you pretend Sun Yizhou’s face is Kevin Cheung’s, you could pretend…actually you can’t, Annie’s here too.

2 thoughts on “New MV for Bu Bu Jing Qing’s other love triangle

  1. Only if the second male lead is in your company and the first one isn’t ;b

    Is anyone else waiting for XiaoCaiQi to get booted from the Spring Festival Gala since Tangren obviously violated confidentiality agreements by advertising her appearance? Also, why is she even in Tangren? Does she plan to act?

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