“Ancient Sword” cast is actually a rock band

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New skill acquired : death by noise

You might think that the Legend of Ancient Sword 古剑奇谭 is a drama or a video game,  but it’s actually ancient China’s latest rock band!  The New Year  character posters features the all-star cast of Yang Mi, Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu, Li Yifeng, Gillian Chueng, Qiao Zhenyu, Zhang Meng, William Chan, Chen Zihan, Ying Haoming, Gao Weiguang and Dilireba.

Yang Mi
Zheng Shuang
Li Yifeng
Ma Tianyu
Qiao Zhenyu
Gillian Chung
Zhang Meng
Gao Weiguang
Chen Zihan
William Chan
Ying Haoming

7 thoughts on ““Ancient Sword” cast is actually a rock band

  1. Death by noise, sword and rock band makes me think of death metal, not my taste, i would like to see the skill in a video game.

  2. zheng shuang is too cute here, so excited to see her and ma tianyu…~
    though i also love qiao zhenyu here xD

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