Drama and film news round-up

Drama news

  • Chen Xiao, Zhou Dongyu collaborate again in modern series Glass Slipper 玻璃鞋.Filming begins in March.
  • ee-Media musical  Glee Club Song of Vengeance  唱战记 finally begun filming last week . The series stars Super Girl and current Beijing Film Academy student Fu Mengni, Huang Yida, Ou Hao, Qin Lan, Chai Biyun (Saiya from NHZGG), etc.
  • Luo Jin, Lv Yi collaborate once more for new drama, Daddy Father Pa 爸爸父亲爹, also from Ciwen Entertainment (X-Agent) .  Stills here.
  • Jiang Jinfu, Song Qian, and Yang Yang  begun filming for Li Shaohong’s latest Republican-era suspense drama 茧镇传奇. Stills of the two male leads here.
  • Hawick Lau’s  wartime drama Bloodbath Island 喋血孤岛 begun airing on the 6th.  The  character posters are actually really well-done. See them here.
  • Hairun Media (Incisive Great Teacher, Lucky Tianbao, Zhao Liying, Jiro Wang) receives approval for another adaptation of the Yang Clan.   The 62 behemoth is tentative titled The Romance of the Yang Clan 杨家将演义.


  • Chinese Paladin the movie receives approval for filming by Tangren.
  • Zhang Hanyun, Tong Liya, Lin Gengxin announced for upcoming >Hark Tsui film Battle at Mount Tiger 智取威虎山3D. Filming began last month. More here.
  • Posters for Ying’er, Du Chun, Chen Yanting’s new movie Unexpected Love 谁说我们不会爱 here.
  • Super Boys movie releases new artsy trailer, which you can watch. The film is directed by award-winning director Fan Lixin. On a side note, Hua Chengyu will be performing at the Spring Festival Gala. As will Lee Minho.

9 thoughts on “Drama and film news round-up

  1. So Tangren’s next project is Chinese Paladin’s movie? I hoped for Three lives three worlds: ten miles of peach blossoms adaption.

    • I’m also hoping for the Three lives adaptation movie. Last I heard the script was done and just going through editing but no word on casting etc yet.

      • I think it might be because their next project was suppose to be CP5, but it didn’t get approved, so many they’re just using the resources for CP5 for the movie?

  2. Is it just me or is there just an uproar of Republican era dramas planning to be aired this year? All the ones you mentioned here plus Lady and the liar, Cruel Romance (Huang Xiao Ming &Chen Qiao En), The secret shipping route (Yuan Hong as a captain) and many more. It’s definitely the “it” theme this year without a doubt.

    • There are a lot. There’s also a number of wartime dramas like Hu Ge’s 49 days and Wallace Chung’s Bodyguards&Assassins.

      But then, I feel like there’s always an overabundance of Republican dramas… In 2013 there was X-agent, Like Fireworks Like Butterfly, Wuthering Heights, Love in the Spring, Beauty at the Crossfires, a drama with Yan Kuan and Li Nian, the drama with Lou Yixiao just to name a few.

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