Tang Yan, Yang Rong Exchange Lives in “The Lady & The Liar”

Tang Yan looks like she would fit right in with Disney’s Frozen.

The upcoming mainland drama The Lady & The Liar will take us back to 1930s Shanghai, as we follow Jiang Xin (Tang Yan) on her quest to be reunited with her family. Originally the heiress of a well-off family, Jiang Xin went missing for years. When she is discovered and on the cusp of returning home, she loses her memory in a freak accident, and her identity is stolen by female thief Du Xiaohan (Yang Rong).

Xiaohan then takes on Jiang Xin’s life, while Jiang Xin falls into the hands of mafia boss Bai Zhengji (Hawick Lau), who conceals her past in order to keep her by his side. In the meantime, Jiang Xin’s previous lover, the blind Sheng Jiewen (Tony Yang), desperately searches for her.

The Lady & The Liar is currently still filming in Shanghai, though it’s expected to start airing sometime this year. Check out a deluge of gorgeous stills behind the cut, like this one of the liar Du Xiaohan. How do you think she compares to the lady?

Hawick Lau plays Bai Zhengji, who was forced out on the streets at the tender age of five after the early death of his mother. He was then discovered by his long-lost father, who brought him into the fold of the mafia. Growing up with no knowledge of family warmth, Bai Zhengji finds himself changing after he meets the kind-hearted Jiang Xin, whom he wants to keep with him no matter what.

Tony Yang plays Sheng Jiewen, a tender and passionate young man who is unfortunately blind. This raises the question, “Why is he pictured on a motorcycle below?”


12 thoughts on “Tang Yan, Yang Rong Exchange Lives in “The Lady & The Liar”

  1. TONYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!! And omg I laughed out loud at your caption about how puzzling it is that the blind character is pictured on a motorcycle. AHAHA. Maybe it’s a flashback?

    Anyways the stills look really good. Not too sure about the story though. >__<

    • I think that’s a still for later on, since he’s supposed to get his sight back later…after Tang Yan looses her memory. Lol, they’re fated not to be.

  2. The girls are gorgeous. Why a blind guy is managing an automobile is beyond me to comprehend. Damn Hawick is just handsome, he looks almost like he’s meant for the role. I will admit that the picture of him and Tang Yan is kinda awkward, hopefully the chemistry is on screen.

  3. Yang Rong and Tang Yan both look gorgeous, minus the poofy collars. Yang Rong’s character sounds a lot more interesting, though. Tang Yan’s character sounds like she has a bad case of the Stockholm Syndrome.

    • I’ve started watching it, and honestly, despite Tang Yan’s character being kind of cliche, I like her because she’s super nice, but she’s not a pushover and she’s not overly, annoyingly hotheaded either; she’s a good person, but she’s also just a normal person in that she has many different sides. Xiao Han on the other hand (Yang Rong)…well Yang Rong’s an awesome actress, so Xiao Han is definitely interesting; but she’s kind of despicable person. We’re only at ep 4, so I don’t know, but Xiao Han literally hasn’t shown any single positive side. She’s selfish (she doesn’t even care about her brother, who’s also had the same life as her), she’s lazy but greedy (she’s wants a good life and money, but instead of working like all the other poor people, she steals), it’s like so far she represents all the negative freudian id impulses a human ca posses. So at the moment, I think Xiao Han is an awful awful person that I just cannot sympathize with.

      • In Yang Rong’s Weibo, she said that she had originally signed up for the role because her character originally was more dimensional (kind of like ZHang Meng’s character in Love of Three Lifetimes), but because of a bunch of reasons, they had to change her character so that she was just purely bad. It’s kind of unfortunate, because I feel like she could’ve done more with a more interesting role.

        • Oooohh! I get it now. I wish I could read people’s weibo…but I can only understand and speak Chinese; I can’t read Chinese. Sigh. But even still; I hate her character, but Yang Rong’s acting is pretty awesome…but that’s not going to make me like Xiao Han at all. Lol.

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