“Female Royal Tutor” announces leads, female cast

Li Sheng Fu Xinbo

Li Sheng as the boss, aka Empress Deng Sui. She’s paired with the brothers played by Fu Xinbo.

Always ready to ride off his popular series,  Yu Zheng workshop begins filming the counterpart to Female Prime Minister, this time titled Female Royal Tutor 女傅/The Legend of Ban Shu 班淑传奇.   Yu Zheng announced partial casting today, including Jing Tian (Police Story 2013), Li Xin’ai (The Rooftop), Fu Xinbo (!!!),  Li Sheng (Flowers in Fog), Li Jiahang (New My Fair Princess),  up-and-coming Yu Zheng artist Zhang Zhehan and Zhang XueyingZhang Meng, Mao Xiaotong, Zhang Xinyu,  Deng Sha, Wang Lin,  Jiao Junyan, etc. The rest of the male cast is yet unannounced.

Who are you looking forward to? 

Jing Tian Zhang

Jing Tian, whose latest film with Jackie Chan just broke 500 million RMB,  pairs with first time lead Zhang Zhehan as a pair of royal tutors Banshu.

Another movie lead goes into drama as Li Xin’ai pairs with prince Li Jiahang.

Clockwise from upper left: Fan Linlin, Guan Xiaotong, Zhang Xueying, Kang Ning

Clockwise from upper left: Tianniu, Wang Lin, Deng Sha, Jiao Junyan, Zhang Meng, Mao Xiaotong, Zhang Xinyu

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