Weibo Wednesday: January 15, 2014

This week’s Weibo Wednesday will kick off with three couples — can you guess who they are? First is none other than Yang Mi and Hawick Lau, who got married in Bali on January 8th.

杨幂: 谢谢今天的一切,谢谢所有的祝福,谢谢你们,我嫁喽

Thank you for everything today, thank you for all of your blessings, thank you all, I am married.

Some sharp-eyed netizens noticed an ironic Weibo post from October 2011, shortly after Yang Mi and Hawick filmed the MV for “Thorny Embrace” (刺猬的拥抱) together. In it, Yang Mi denies the relationship rumors with Hawick… only to go public not three months later, on January 8th, 2012.

杨幂: 首先,感谢威爷前辈来出演我的首支MV,然后然后,据说我们俩现在有了绯闻了!我们俩!我又多了一个男朋友 各位真的行行好吧,这样下去我真的嫁不出去了呀~别闹啦

First off, thank you to Senior Hawick for acting in my first MV. Later, I heard that the two of us have rumors now! The two of us! I have yet another boyfriend. Can’t all of you conduct yourselves, if this continues I won’t be able to get married off~ Stop joking around.

On January 4th, Vanness Wu held his second wedding ceremony, this time in Singapore. Present were a bunch of his guy buddies, including Wang Leehom and fellow F4 member Jerry Yan.

VanNess吳建豪: F2~Hahaha

Also married are actor Wu Jing and host Xie Nan.


Xie Nan: This is the best ID photo I’ve taken! Thanks for everyone who loves me and him, we are official!
Wu Jing: Accidentally, I met you; Accidentally, I fell in love with you; Accidentally, I married you; I’ll use my entire life to carefully love you! @Xie Nan

Wu Jing’s martial arts student Cindy Tian Yucheng is taking some time to be the “flower girl” for Lang Lang as he opens the new year at the National Centre for Performing Arts. Also in attendance is real life superwoman and former vice-premier Wu Yi.

Cindy Lang Lang

郎朗: 今晚非常荣幸,前国务院副总理吴仪来到我在国家大剧院音乐会的现场。也感谢陈平院长授予我“国家大剧院全球音乐推广大使”的称号。今天和国家大剧院管弦乐团合作了我新专辑中的普罗科菲耶夫第三钢琴协奏曲,最后演奏了一首《春节序曲》,作为提前送给所有朋友们的新春祝福吧,也谢谢小Cindy上台献花

Very honored tonight that former vice-premier Wu Yi came to my performance at the National Centre. Also thanks to director Chen Ping for giving the title of the “Global music ambassador of the National Centre.” I collaborated with the National Centre Symphony to Prokofiev’s piano concerto no 3, as well as “Prelude to the Spring Festival” to wish everyone an early happy Spring Festival, and thanks to Cindy for presenting the flower for me.

Author-blogger-racing driver Han Han is now adding film director to his list as he preps for Good-bye Forever (后会无期) to begin filming (hopefully he’ll come up with a more eloquent English title for it).

韩寒: 四五年前,当我往返各个城市开始为此奔波时,没有想到过直至今日才能向大家宣布这个消息:我编剧和导演的电影处女作《后会无期》即将开机。这是一个全新的故事,它不改编自我的任何小说。我会和大家分享进程,共见一部电影的诞生。希望此去不经年,后会能有期。

Four years ago, when I was traveling to various city, I never thought I would one day be announcing this news: my debut movie that I wrote and directed has began filming. This is an entirely new story, not an adaptation of one of my novels. I will share the process with everyone, so we can all see the birth of a movie together.

Unfortunately, Han Han hasn’t had much time to spend with his daughter, which is why she looks like this in pictures:

韩寒: 这两个月一直忙着前期筹备,陪女儿的时间少了很多。带去游乐场,却因为她太小,几乎什么都玩不了。园区摆渡车上,她非常郁闷,拍照时都成了这样…忙完电影一定带她去天南地北玩到东西不分。其实我一直觉得所谓爱,就是陪伴,没太多别的。

These two months, I’ve been busy with preparations, so time to spend with my daughter has been less. I took her to the playground, but because she was too small, she couldn’t play with almost everything. When on the park ferry, she was extremely gloomy, and even looked like this when we took a photo… After the film finishes filming, I will definitely take her all over until we don’t know where we are. Actually, I’ve always felt that love is accompaniment, not much more.

Speaking of author-turned-directors, Guo Jingming joked that the four Tiny Times (小时代) girls, now reunited for the third movie, spent too much time goofing around on set instead of filming.

郭敬明: 不知道有多少人和我一样,期待着再次看到她们四个无忧无虑地笑着闹着,青春最美好的样子!终于时代姐妹花再次合体了!片场又闹腾了起来,时不时都听到副导演在催:“女明星们,不要再聊天啦!拍戏啦!”

I don’t know how many people are like me, anticipating when they can again see the four of them laughing and joking without a care in the world, the appearance of the most beautiful part of youth! The flowers of Tiny Times are together again! It’s a din on set again, from time to time I will hear the assistant director urging: “Starlets, stop chatting! Start filming!”

Meanwhile, fellow Tiny Times cast member Kai Ko showed off a picture from his teenager years, when he looked…exactly the same. lol.

柯震東Kai: 柯家凱少年!好久不見!當初的夢想….我們正在一步一步前進呢!!

They outh Ke Jiakai! [Kai Ko’s birth Chinese name was Ke Jiakai, not Ke Zhendong.] Long time no see! The dreams that we had then… we are advancing toward them step by step!!

The cast of Come On Eat (杉杉来吃), including leads Zhao Liying, Zhang Han, Huang Ming, Zhang Yangguo’er and Li Chengyuan have dinner together before filming begins. What a cute cast! The series is based on the Gu Man novel of the same name.

@黄明hm : #杉杉来吃# 昨天吃得那么high,今天这么早出工一样high,小伙伴们都惊呆了,全因大家在一起太和谐太开心。大家到现场低调,把眼袋眼珠子都收收,眼袋明显者下顿你请![哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]@张翰 @赵丽颖 @李呈媛 @张杨果而 @百克力

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