Whodunit series breaks into new genre

Bus full of eye candy coming through!

Bus full of eye candy coming through!

I’m always super excited when new genres are explored, especially when one with such a great photoshoot and cinematographer.  Han Xue workshop’s latest work, Home of a lady 淑女之家, is based on the mystery novel of the same name by author Ma Yiwei.  Han Xue plays the lead female who, with the help of her friend and amateur detective (Liu Ennuo), enters then Shen family to find out the truth about her father’s death, only to find the new lover (Ma Tianyu) of the head of the household (Cecilia Yip) soon dead. Who could’ve done it? Is it the maid? The sisters? The brother-in-law? The mother? Or even Han Xue’s character herself? The series also stars Chen Xiang, Mao Xiaotong, Lei Yang, Liu Yanchen, and Wang Lin.

 Can you tell who did it?

Can you tell who did it?



13 thoughts on “Whodunit series breaks into new genre

  1. Wait so is this a movie or a drama? If it’s a drama I’m surprised and super impressed that the trailer is not all spoilery! It’s actually a really intense trailer, omg O__O Looks good!

    And what is the deal about the bracelet? It shows the bracelet many times, was wondering if it meant anything?

  2. Usually I don’t like stories setting during the republican era, but this one looks really good.
    The story is refreshing and if the trailer reflects the entire series than this is a must watch for me.

    • The original story is actually set in modern times, but I think they had to move it because of inaccurate portrayals of the police. The production for this looks wonderful.

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