Music Monday: January 13, 2014

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This week’s Music Monday includes a few performances for I Am A Singer. This intro music video is titled Cover For You 罩着你 by Sup Music x C-Block (a Changsha based Hiphop group). The Chinese hiphop scene is mainly underground and difficult to follow overseas, but ZHONG.TV is a good place to start.


Zhang Jie, Shane Cao, Ma Tian Yu, Echo

Jason Zhang Jie is back with a brand new album after completing his special program at Berkeley this summer. Has anyone listened to his full album yet? Are there any noticeable differences? Zhang Jie performed this single, Love, No Need to Explain 爱,不解释 at HNTV New Year Concert. Someone prematurely leaked the information that Zhang Jie will be the replacement for the eliminated contestant on I Am A Singer this week :/

Shane Cao 曹轩宾 is chasing the light 追光 in this new music video.

Ray Ma Tianyu 马天宇 is s till a Blond Bombshell in the music video for Choice of The Angel 天使的选择. This is the second single from his newest EP.

The music to the microfilm Love and Commitment 爱来依 by the mysterious net musician Echo 回音哥.


Hebe Tian, Zhu Zheqin, Zhang Yan, Lin Lin

I always wondered why her parents named her Hebe 馥甄, can you imagine 8-year-old Hebe trying to take a test but have to spend 5 minutes writing her name? Anyway, Hebe Tian‘s newest single Forever Love 爱着爱着就永远.

Dadawa Zhu Zheqin 朱哲琴, an independent producer, climbed Mount Everest with her crew to film the music video for Mountain Top 山顶.

Cute music video for the single Dearest You 亲爱的你 by Zhang Yan 张琰.

Former Morning Museum member Lin Lin 琳琳 singing Have To Be Alone 只好一个人, the theme song to her microfilm by the same name.


I Am A Singer Season 2!!! Hosted by Zhang Yu.
(L-R) G.E.M. Tang, Wei Wei, Han Lei, Luo Qi, Bibi Zhou, Zhang Yu, Gary Cao

Hong Kong’s fastest rising young talent, G.E.M. Tang performed her single Foam 泡沫 from her last album in 2012 Xposed. Unfortunately, being relatively unknown among the audience G.E.M. paced 5th in the first round of I Am A Singer. She performed Wang Feng’s Existence 存在 in the second round, watch it here.

Chinese rock legend Luo Qi 罗琦 took the stage with her baby to perform Arbitrary 随心所欲. The story behind this 90s rock legend is worthy of a book… Luo Qi reached the peak of fame at the age of 17 as the lead singer of the rock band 前指南针乐队, lost her left eye during a bar fight at the age of 18, forced to attend rehab at the age of 22 after a drug induced seizure. But now she is drug free, happily married, and is expecting a child =) Watch her performance from the second episode here (Luo Qi actually lost her voice during the last rehearsal session right before the real performance).

Gary Cao 曹格 performed I Am Ugly But I am Very Gentle 我很丑可是我很温柔, originally performed by Zhao Chuan 赵传, during the 2nd round. Gary got eliminated :( He performed his own song Betray in the first episode.

Both episodes of I Am A Singer are available on HNTV Official Youtube Channel.

7 thoughts on “Music Monday: January 13, 2014

  1. Gary got eliminated? : (
    But he’s such a good singer!
    It’s too bad that I can’t follow the series better. All the videos are blocked in Korea. [sigh] : (

    I’m going for G.E.M~ easily one of the best singers around today. I don’t know how Wei Wei came first this week… = _ =

  2. My favorite performance so far is Luo Qi’s 随心所欲.

    I feel like the biggest issue with this season is that the artists lack diversity. Bibi, Gary Cao and GEM are a bit too similar in musical style, so I’m happy one of them went. Zhang Jie’s not that interesting of a replacement , though. They don’t have any soft singers or anyone who experiments more with music. I wish they had Dadawa instead of Wei Wei.

    • I can’t pick between G.E.M. and Luo Qi right now!! I love them both so much!! I didn’t like Wei Wei’s attitude. It’s a small thing but all the other artist stood up to thank the other artists and the staff, but Wei Wei just sat there… I personally thought it was kind of rude and arrogant.

      Zhang Jie… *sigh* I think they just wanted to push one of their own in. They would get Ji Jie =)

      Did you read the comments on the second episode video (youtube)? I don’t think these people get that this show is only airing on HNTV and is catered to the mainland audience.

      • I was hoping for Tan Weiwei since she has a very solid voice and does a wide range of music. That and she pwned everyone in season 1 with the guest performance.

        Wei Wei’s song choice was so bad week 1 that she should’ve been last, not second. Even amongst old school singers, Han Lei did so much better than her both times. Han Lei’s also a lot funnier. On the plus side, her sons are really hot.

        Netizens =_= I gave up on them once they started attacking the sweetest four/five/six-year-olds for fun.

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