Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng’s “Snow Blossom” to Air after 10-Year Delay

Nine days after her wedding, Yang Mi will time travel back to 2004.

Three years after Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng won over shipper hearts with Palace (宫锁心玉), they will reunite, this time on the silver screen. Slated to open in theaters on January 17th, Snow Blossom (大寒桃花开) was actually filmed in 2004, making it FengMi’s first collaboration.

FengMi fans have been crushed since newlyweds Yang Mi and Hawick Lau first went public with their relationship in 2012. Desperate for more of their OTP, many fans uncovered the existence of Snow Blossom, which hadn’t been screened to air due to too much depiction of bloodshed and mutilation.

Ten years after its initial filming period, and 1.5 years after Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng reunited for Painted Skin: The Resurrection (画皮2), Snow Blossom has finally received the okay to air in cinemas. Feng Shaofeng will play Da Han (Great Cold), a skilled swordsman who mistakenly goes down the wrong road and becomes a hit man. During one assassination attempt, he meets Tao Hua (Peach Blossom), portrayed by Yang Mi, a clever and studious young lady who is hoping to win the competition to become the daughter-in-law of a well-known government official.

Check out the trailer below and some more stills behind the cut.

According to Yang Mi, Snow Blossom was the first project for which she sobbed after finishing filming. To the ephemeral delight of FengMi fans, Feng Shaofeng has also admitted that he was “indeed interested in Yang Mi,” though he later felt that a relationship wouldn’t be suitable.

Meanwhile, the film’s producers are thrilled with the continuing success of Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng, both of whom were relative unknowns when they were cast in Snow Blossom. They also denied timing Snow Blossom‘s release to coincide with Yang Mi’s wedding: “We could predict that Yang Mi would become popular, but we had no way of predicting which day she would get married. If we’d really wanted to cash in on her, we should have screened it when Palace was popular.”

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6 thoughts on “Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng’s “Snow Blossom” to Air after 10-Year Delay

  1. I watched this today…and then watched Liu Rushi afterwards.
    So (spoiler ahead!) I watched Feng Shaofeng die twiceeeee.
    …But they were good. They were sooooo good ;____; Especially Liu Rushi. I’m going to contemplate my navel as I think about life for a few years now…

  2. when i first saw this, I was like lol what. When has this ever happened?
    totally random.
    (still feel like it’s kind of trying to cash in yang mi since she’s like a gold mine atm)

    • I read somewhere that this was actually a made-for-TV movie, and that even the director was surprised they found a copy of it after so many years.
      But yeah, definitely cashing in on Yang Mi considering how even movies that everyone knows is terrible sells so well when she’s in it.

      • LOL “let’s see if we can find anything yang mi related without spending any money”
        they must have been so happy.
        not that I’m complaining hehe. ;)

  3. The stills are gorgeous! It’s amazing how the camera work from ten years before doesn’t look shabby…
    Yang Mi was so cute back then…she was only…17? 18?

    • The producers said they spent years editing it to update the look, so presumably it didn’t look so stunning from the get-go, haha. But at least they did a good job with it.

      These stills bring me back to Yang Mi when she was in Return of the Condor Heroes… she was such an adorable Guo Xiang. *o*

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