Cindy dubs for Despicable Me 2, tours Hollywood

Minion, minion, on the wall, who’s the most lovable of them all?

What’s cuter than Agnes and minions? Agnes, minions, and Cindy (and Deng Chao)!  Deng Chao and Cindy dubbed the voices for Gru and Agnes respectively for the mainland dub of Despicable Me 2, Universal Studios’ most profitable film in history and one that was universally reported by the West as having been banned in China because the minions looked like Jiang Zemin…

As a part of the dubbing, Cindy, along with dad Tian Liang and mom Ye Yiqian, were also invited to visit Hollywood, including a tour of Universal Studios.   More cute photos from the Hollywood tour and the press conference below the cut.


While dad and mom are kept low-key with reused outfits, rumor has it Cindy’s in Valentino Haute Couture.

The film marks one of the first time an actual child lends their voice to a child character in an animated series. In the past, for both home productions and re-dubbing, an adult was usually used.  As Cindy has yet to start school and cannot read, Ye Yiqian read every line for her.   Watch their adorable dubbing behind-the-scenes below, where Cindy simply cannot say Cinco de Mayo, repeating instead Mayo de cinco and Cinco de cinco.


With minions, Margo, and the sisters, Gru must be the happiest man in the world (right after Tian Liang, of course)


Cindy is so cuteCindy takes a bow

graceful Cindy

Cindy and minion

8 thoughts on “Cindy dubs for Despicable Me 2, tours Hollywood

    • Well people like Yang Mi, Lu Yi, Li Xiaolu, Jiang Xin, and Chen Xiao all started really young, but they all turned out ok. imo the biggest difference between western (disney =_=) child stars and a lot of the Asian child stars is that they all kind of disappeared from the spotlight to grow up, and received a proper basic education IN an actual school before returning in their late teens.

      Most of the mainland actors came out of actual performing arts school too…

      • Natalie Portman and Emma Watson both turned out to be awesome! But I agree that most Chinese young stars tend to disappear from the spotlight to grow up. Given that despite her family being pretty well-off and her dad very famous, Cindy turned out to be super kind, hard-working and not spoiled at all (okay, other than the first half of ep 1), I don’t think we need to worry about her up-growing.
        I didn’t know that Chen Xiao was a child actor (the Yu Zheng actor, right?).

  1. OMG that last photo… so precious. *o*

    Props to Ye Yiqian for what must have been a really frustrating job. I never realized how much of a tongue twister 五月五日节 is, hahaha.

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