Wallace Huo goes half bald in one drama, pairs up with Tang Yan for another

Let’s add Wallace to the list of men who look good, even when half bald.

In his new upcoming drama The Great Protector 镖门, Wallace Huo shaves half of his head bald in order to play a hero in the Xinhai Revolution era. Once again, he is the eldest disciple of his sect; a strictly rule-abiding man of justice, he betrayed by his sect brother and his fiancé, going on to develop a relationship with a female bandit…

If you’d rather have more light hearted drama, but are still very much into Wallace, you could follow his new drama Perfect Couple, where he collaborates with Tang Yan (could this be their fourth reincarnation together, one where they’re finally happy? It’s Ming dynasty, so the timeline seems about right…) Wallace’s princely gentleman is rather impish, and seems to have gotten off to a bad start with Tang Yan’s spunky female lead… Some pictures can be found below the cut, with much more here.(But you’ll have to look at two more bald Wallaces before you get to that bit of cuteness).

So, Wallace, you finally know what happens to me whenever I see your photoshoots?

From pugilist hero, to spoiled rich-boy?

All the better! (So much easier to kidnap).

12 thoughts on “Wallace Huo goes half bald in one drama, pairs up with Tang Yan for another

  1. Ok I took a 2nd look at the stills and just realized that Tang Yan’s character is leading Wallace’s character with a rope………that’s tied around his neck. O______O UM…

    • I love the stills of Tang Yan in this picture! I didn’t know that she and Yang Mi were that close though…like, no Liu Shishi? ):

      • They’ve have been nicknamed 中国好闺蜜 online ever since Yang Mi stood up for Tang Yan when she broke up with her previous boyfriend. She managed to pinpoint all the blame on the guy cheating, mwahahaha.

    but OMG…….his hairstyle looks especially perfect in the stills where he’s not bald. O__O Way better than in Yi Zhi Mei hehehehe.

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