“Desert Melody” finally gets approval to air, continues to lack HQ posters

Does better quality stills mean an impending release?

I am getting this through indirect sources since I can’t really read Chinese.  Therefore, I’m not 100% sure if this is true so don’t shoot the messenger but according to  UDN  , The Song of Desert or Desert Melody, starring Liu Shishi, Eddie Peng, and Hu Ge, may be airing first in Taiwan as opposed to the mainland due to delays and the way contracts ended up being signed.  According to the source, the show was approved for airing in mainland late last year and have since then been brought by Taiwan’s CTI (Don’t all jump at once).  Hunan’s local entertainment channel also reported an impending broadcasting date.

On the other hand, the internet community can probably start preparing and give a cry of joy (or start calling all channels involved to try to boycott it again).  Apparently, no news on a release date yet but hopefully this means we’ll be seeing something sooner?  More released posters whose quality may mirror the likelihood of the drama ever airing in our lifetime below the cut.

“Still no news on a release date?!?”

“It’s outrageous how long we’ve been held up.”

“I guess there’s not much we can do at this point…”


“Hold on guys. This WILL be fixed.  I’ll be back.”

“All finished.  We’ll be releasing soon. <3”

“That fast?!?”

“You remembered to leave them alive this time, right?”

10 thoughts on ““Desert Melody” finally gets approval to air, continues to lack HQ posters

  1. So the drama just changed its name, again, to the Chinese name for Pocahontas (风中奇缘).

    Before, I thought Tangren was just kind of dumb to have chosen such a politically sensitive book without realizing it, but this series of name changes really has me a bit suspicious of who’s behind the filming. The use of the blue background with the moon and crescent for the first name change followed by a comparison of Huo Qubing to John Smith (read: the Han to the European colonists) in the second name change can’t just be a coincidence, can it?

    • Aren’t they supposed to be releasing like in October? Augh…. so tired of all this… to the point where kinda don’t really want to watch anymore… but since I’ve waited so long… DX I guess I’ll just pin my hopes onto some other drama… Nirvana of Fire looks promising… :)

      • Yeah, iQiyi just released a Weibo saying it’ll be streaming it in October. It deleted the Weibo, though? Not sure if it’s because it’s false information, or because they’re trying to avoid attention before it actually airs.

      • I agree, the wait has gone on too long. I wonder if this high profile, highly anticipated drama, , is one of the longest drama to get air time?

  2. Really? Seriously? Truly? I’ll wait for the 100% confirmation. But I can’t help being excited ’cause I waited so long for this drama to gets approval and to finally air.
    I so want to see HD posters and HD stills. Maybe more preview. Sigh
    This drama should just air alrealy >.<

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