The Monkey King in 3D releases trailer, character posters

Making exciting-looking posters has become stuffing as many copies of the Monkey King as we can on it while also preferably using a battle scene as a background.

Much delayed and highly anticipated film The Monkey King in 3D starring Donnie Yen, Chow Yun-fat, Aaron Kwok, Joe Chen, Peter Ho, Zhang Zilin, among others has released production goodies, hopefully signifying that this newest release date will actually be the real one.  The Monkey King is yet another spinoff of Journey to the West without the actual journey, this time focusing on the Monkey King wrecking havoc in the heavens.

Trailer below, second trailer here, behind-the-scenes here, and character posters below the cut.

The Jade Emperor was a glam-god.

Spanish-looking Bull Demon King… so he can play the bull-fighter as well…

Chen Qiaoen with a lot of frills.

Wait… I don’t think the Black Great Dane was a kind of dog that Chinese people had…

Would Nvwa have won Miss World?

Gigi Leung trying to be luminous as the moon goddess.

The Dragon King of the East Sea also needs a make-over.

” 我的家里,有个人很酷。三头六臂,刀枪不入” – Nezha is everyone’s dad.

The Goddess of Mercy  Kelly Chen  and her slaves

I wasn’t aware that fox-demons had ears like elves… I was about to suggest Xia Zitong was playing an imp.

Wang Yuelun would’ve told him that he was too heavy for the crane.




9 thoughts on “The Monkey King in 3D releases trailer, character posters

    • I think he’s complaining about the specific breed of dog, which is a German breed. Although I’m sure as a god, he can have whatever breed he wants.
      In the latest drama on Mazu, she saves a bunch of people in Europe.

      • I guess it makes sense I mean a pekingese wouldn’t exactly be terrifying-looking… and a pug isn’t exactly a better option… perhaps a Tibetan Mastiff… ? :)

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