Music Monday: January 6, 2014

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Every time I finish Music Monday I tell myself “I will do this over the weekend next time.” But next time comes around and I’m still doing it on Monday… *hanging head in shame*

Here’s a peace-offering – The CD version of the smoke covered collaborative song by Zhang Liang 张亮 and Tiantian 天天(张悦轩) I am Not An Idol 我不是男神, written for him by Ning Huanyu.

(12 videos below the cut)


(L-R) Huo Zun, Hu Xia and Yu Ke Wei, Ning Huanyu and Bai Jugang

Second generation singer Huo Zun 霍尊 (son of Huo Feng 火风?) brought Liu Huan 刘欢 to tears on Sing My Song 中国好歌曲 with his original composition Rolling the Beaded Curtain (?) 卷珠簾.

Good student Hu Xia 胡夏 and Rock Record’s Yu Ke Wei 郁可唯 performing a classic melodrama theme song on Anhui TV Drama Award this year. Originally performed by Sun Nan 孙楠 and Ai Yu 艾雨, Let Dreams Hibernate 让梦冬眠 is the ending theme to Love Story in Shanghai 像雾像雨又像风 (add it to your to-watch list!).

While the Aquarium Couple (Yu Gang/鱼缸夫妻) Ning Huanyu 宁桓宇 and Bai Jugang 白举纲 figure out who tops in the relationship, let us enjoy their self-written collaboration on Shenzhen TV’s The Generation Show 年代秀.


(L-R) Zeng Yiming, Yang Lin, Li Xing Liang

Zeng Yiming 曾一鸣 makes a return after participating on HNTV’s X-Factor China. Like a Lunatic 像疯了一样, the second single from his re-debut, is a remake/cover of the same titled song by Qi Qin 齐秦. Zeng Yiming performed his song live on HNTV’s NY Concert.

Singer/Composer/Producer Liam Yang Lin 杨蔺 finally made a song for himself, Distance 遥远 and You Are Not Me 你不是我.

Li Xingliang 李行亮 singing Don’t Forget First Love 不忘初心. It’s a great song to use in a confession kids =)


(L-R) Li Baining, Chen Yanfei, Hu Wen

Li Baining 李柏凝 singing the theme song Dumb Angel 天使傻傻的 for the microfilm Black Loli White Loli 黑萝莉与白萝莉. The microfilm was produced by the same company behind Idol girls 爱朵女孩.

Chen Yanfei 陈彦妃 going on a beautiful Courageous Journey 勇敢远行 into the music industry? No, this song is tied to her newly released tour of France photo book A Courageous Journey, Before We Are Old 《勇敢远行,在我们老去之前》

I love U so is the newest single from Hu Wen 胡雯.


(L-R) Hua Chenyu, Fan Fan, Ping Han

Hua Chenyu 华晨宇 singing the promotional song While You Are Still Young 趁你还年轻 for the movie Up in the Wind 等风来 starring Ni Ni 倪妮 and Jing Boran 井柏然.

Fan Fan 樊凡 sung most of the soundtrack used in the drama Little Daddy 小爸爸 directed by Wen Zhang 文章. This family drama marks actor Wen Zhang’s second directorial work, this time with his wife Ma Yili 马伊琍 as the executive producer for the show. This particular song by Fan Fan won Viewer Favorite Soundtrack at Anhui TV Drama Award this year.

Ping An 平安 singing the theme song to Southern Love 南爱 (Difficult Love) Jiang Nan Lian 江南莲.

7 thoughts on “Music Monday: January 6, 2014

  1. Huo Zun wrote that himself? It’s very nice. China is being overrun with these contest singers rather than artists it feels.

    • I think there’s a very thin line between those two, though. Even the most iconic of contest singers, Li Yuchun, is actually a pretty good song writer. At least to me, most of her lyrics are better than this song, although his voice is obviously stronger.

  2. Chen Yanfei looks really pretty in the MV!

    That’s really cute that Ning Huanyu and Bai Jugang wrote a song just for that song. The 2013 boys all seem to be having so much fun just with each other and music. Have you been following the Spring Gala news? What are your thoughts on the chances of the Super Boys going on the Spring Festival Gala?

    Super off-topic, but this entire post reminded me of BoBo T_T Zhang Liang and Tiantian, the YuGang video led me to one of OuYang singing Glory when I was looking for the full show, and then the Zeng Yiming song is the one either FXB or JBR recommended when they split up. T_T

    • Hua Chenyu, Zuo Li, and Bai Jugang is in the Top 10 =) I think Bai Jugang has the best chance of getting onto the Spring Gala (as part of an ensemble performance), he has a family friendly presence, and he looks like the boy-next-door. Hua Chenyu wouldn’t make it into the final round, he’s performance style is too out there for the Spring Gala. Zuo Li has his “issues”… I feel like eeMedia stopped promoting him after the show ended. I have a feeling they might drop him (or leave him to fend for himself) after the Super Boy Tour ends =/

      Bobo </3 I was just listening to them yesterday. Why don't thinks ever work out for duet? BOBO JL =( I hope Ju Laidi/Fan Shiqi group isn't a permanent thing.

      • I didn’t watch it, but didn’t Hua Chengyu make it into the top 10 first, though?
        I’m surprised that HOPE still exists … also, Yu Quan’s still together! They were so cute on I am Singer 2.

        • I didn’t watch it either, I read it in the news and looked up some clips later. Hua Chenyu made it into the top 10 =)

          LOL! Right?! I can’t believe HOPE is still around but Liu Yutong is too old for them and once he leaves they’re done. Is it me or did their new single sound like a mashup of 1D songs?

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