Cindy might actually be an angel, Zhang Liang is a great dad

 "Good girls become angels, and obedient boys become angels' wives." -  heteronormative but still cute words of  wisdom from Cindy

“Good girls become angels, and obedient boys become angels’ wives.” – heteronormative but still cute words of wisdom from Cindy

Tian Liang and Ye Yiqian‘s daughter  Cindy may have acted like an angel on “Where are we going? Dad”, but in today’s two press conferences, she dressed liked one!
Although that didn’t really hide her “woman who runs like the wind” nature as she run around the stage and threw confetti everywhere. She was so pretty that even Zhang Liang couldn’t help but ask for her hand in marriage for his son, not that Tiantian haven’t already done so want to see her again.



Good girls will become angels, boys, jiayou!  Don’t forget the promises you’ve made once you grow up … *Hehe*

Within a few minutes of Tian Liang posting the Weibo, there were about 10,000 comments @Zhang Liang  and/or @Zhang  Yuexuan under the original post as matchmakers fans interpreted it as a reference to promises a specific boy made.  Model dad Zhang Liang got the message and responded.

About that …… Brother Liang! Are you and sister-in-law home for Chinese New Year’s? I’ll go and call on you! *Cheers*


Fans even wrote their own version of the news:

China’s popular child model Zhang Yuexun officially announced his relationship with rumored girlfriend Tian Yucheng on Christmas Eve, saying the two often meet for afternoon tea and that she is “like wife.” At the time, Miss Tian was busy with work in Hollywood, and did not respond to the one-sided announcement. Today, father-in-law Tian Liang posted a Weibo suggesting that he tacitly approves of the relationship. Soon, Zhang Liang replied that he’ll call on Chinese New Year’s to discuss their future.


39 thoughts on “Cindy might actually be an angel, Zhang Liang is a great dad

  1. Updated the top photo from a new set of pictures!
    While Cindy and Tiantian are cute and all, does no one else love the photo of her and her dad tiptoeing at the same time? It’s such an adorable moment. Also does Cindy take ballet or something? There are so many pictures of her that looks like dance poses.

    • I feel like if they don’t end up together, everyone will be upset. Anything besides it is out of the norm. I think they have a chance since they get along so well and their parents love to tease about it.

      • I want to know what that promise Tian Liang is referring to is! Given that Zhang Liang responded so quickly, it really does seem like it’s in reference to a promise made by Tiantian. It would be so cute if they made some sort childhood promise to each other and then it came true. <3

    • I think this is really cute right now when they are kids, but can you imagine when they are teenagers and the whole country still want them to be together? The pressure!!

      • Tian Liang is super strict (he won’t even let Ye Yiqian act after getting married and apparently so far have turned down all offers to let Cindy act, which I imagine is a lot), so it sounds like Cindy will disappear beginning next fall until she grows up. If she stays out of the spotlight, I imagine most people will forget about this by the time she becomes a teen.
        If Tiantian stays on the show, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he gets a new ship …

      • What I keep thinking about is: 1. what if they don’t actually like each other when they grow up, 2. what if they’re not even friends, and 3. what if they date and then break up?
        …All of these questions make me sad, so I choose to ignore these possibilities.

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