Photoshoot Friday: Happy New Years

What’s black, white, and red all over? (…This photoshoot round up!)

Jiang Xin looks elegant with her black lace and black tops; Wang Likun is dressed in a bold red in every picture. Gao Yuanyuan looks surprisingly tropical with her flowered jacket, while Sun Li follows the black-white-red theme the most perfectly. Kitty Zhang Yuqi would have vied with her for the title, but she wears an orange bandana in one of the stills. And finally, to celebrate the latest season of Sherlock, comes model Shocklock Zhang Liang in a  stunning red… dress?  Who wears red lipstick the best? 

01. Jiang Xin, more here.

02. Wang Likun, more here

03. Gao Yuanyuan, more here

03. Sun Li 

05. Kitty Zhang Yu Qi, more here

06.  Model and now everyone’s favorite chef  Zhang Liang for Fashion Bazaar

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