Zhang Liang, Tiantian perform live, choke themselves with smoke

How to trainwreck a performance 101 by Tiantian, Zhang Liang

Dad, I’m choking! – Tiantian
Is this smoke poisonous? – Tiantian
Where is Zhang Liang? – hosts

Happy New Year, everyone!  In honor of this auspicious day, my favorite performance of the 20113-2014 new year concerts –  Zhang Liang and Tiantian trying to sing.   The highlight was when the pair successfully gets a hold of the smoke guns and goes crazy, causing the stage to be filled with smoke.  While the screen is forced to cut to the audience for a whole minute, you can hear Tiantian in the background saying “Dad, I’m choking”  and “Is this  poisonous?”  instead of rapping the actual song.  Zhang Liang tries really hard to sing (off-tune) but ends up laughing instead.    The father and son duo are so goofy it’s adorable.

Here’s their other performance of Zhang Liang’s new single “I’m not a god”, where Zhang Liang lipsynchs and Tiantian continues to “rap”. The song is written by Super Boy Ning Huanyu.

6 thoughts on “Zhang Liang, Tiantian perform live, choke themselves with smoke

  1. Ahh I miss all these kids already :( Does anyone know if anyone upload any New Years concerts from any Chinese broadcasting station on YouTube or anything?

  2. When I heard Zhang Liang say NHY wrote the song I was like Superboy Niang Huanyu??? I can’t believe he can write songs like this! LMAO!!

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