Weibo Wednesday: Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014! Before we get started with the New Year, let’s take a look back at the final week of 2013 on Weibo…

夢想家林志穎: Kimi昨天睡前还担心家里没烟囱,圣诞老公公要怎么把礼物送进来,今天一大早就起床跑到客厅,为了早点能看圣诞礼物到底送来了没,看到他刚睡醒兴奋又灿烂的笑容,满足的拆著礼物,爸比知道不管工作再辛苦再忙碌只要能看到你快乐幸福的笑容,一切都是值得的。

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? Jimmy Lin‘s son, Kimi Lin, definitely seems to have been excited for presents! Is that an Iron Man Mickey Mouse behind him?

Before going to bed yesterday, Kimi was worried that our house didn’t have a chimney and how could Santa Claus send the presents inside. Early this morning, he got out of bed and ran to the living room in order to see earlier if the Christmas presents had arrived or not. After seeing his just-woke-up, excited, and splendid smile, and him contently tearing apart presents, Daddy knows that no matter how tough or busy work can be, it will all be worth it if I can see your happy and joyful smile.

夢想家林志穎: 四千万粉丝大礼,票选最高票的全家福出游照,外加票选第二kimi妈咪与kimi生活照,,谢谢大家对我们的支持,我们会继续努力,幸福快乐用心过日子

Speaking of Mickey Mouse, Jimmy also shared a photo of the family at Disneyland. The family vacation was probably from a while ago, but his Weibo fans voted saying they most wanted Jimmy to post a whole-family photo, followed by a photo of Kimi with his mom, model Kelly Chen. (Apparently no one cares about seeing an intimate photo of Jimmy lol.)

Big ceremony celebrating 40 million fans. The choice with the most votes was whole-family photo, and the second was a life photo of Kimi and his mommy. Thank you everyone for your support of us. We will continue to strive and live our days happily and diligently.

小S: 帶小孩去台北的’靠 邊走藝術空間’,裡面有很多很棒的藝術品!黑武士,說,我本人漂不漂亮?為何只有呼吸聲?是興奮嗎?

Going along with the Disney theme, have a photo of Xiao S trying to turn the charm on for Darth Vader from Star Wars . Silly Xiao S, don’t you know Vader has eyes only for Padmé?

Took my kids to a “space on the side for making art” in Taipei. There were a lot of great art pieces there! Lord Vader, tell me, am I pretty or not? How come the only noise I can hear is your breathing? Is it because you’re excited?

范冰冰: 今天到商场帮亲友朋友同事们挑新年礼物,感觉比给自己买礼物都开心,一件件挑,想像着朋友们的笑脸和表情,有时给予比获得要快乐很多!

After opening a Weibo account this past week, Fan Bingbing has updated at least once a day, mostly with selcas. Do you think she’ll become a Weibo Wednesday staple? (And this was not intentional at all, but she’s wearing Disney pants in the photo above…)

Went to the shopping mall today to pick New Year’s gifts for my relatives, friends, and colleagues. I felt even happier than if I were buying gifts for myself. Picking them out one by one and thinking of my friends’ smiling faces and expressions. Sometimes giving is much happier than getting!

王傳一本人: 只能讚嘆經紀人@Joyce怡筠 做事太有效率在2013、12、30就得到新年禮物! 耶耶️️PS4到手!太感動了

Still, getting presents is always very nice, as shown by Kingone Wang with his early New Year’s present from his manager.

I can only exclaim in praise of manager @Joyce Tseng for being so efficient when she does things. I got my New Year’s present on 12/30/2013! Yeah, yeah, I got a PS4! Too touched.

戚薇: 疲惫的下午,一杯甜甜的摩卡最棒了,我想我能理解,文益渐老师为何要藏着摩卡种子了,文益渐老师,thank you。。。

Who knew that Qi Wei watched kdramas? Here she is imitating a tweet by actress Jun Ji-hyun, who is starring in You Who Came From the Stars (별에서 온 그대 ).

On a tiring afternoon, a sweet mocha is the best. I think I understand why Teacher Moon Ik-chum smuggled cotton seeds. Thank you, Teacher Moon Ik-chum…

(“Cotton seeds” apparently sounds like “mocha” in Korean.)

Never mind Ma Tianyu, look at this bombshell cosplaying Taylor Swift. Can you tell who it is?

Yep, it’s Zhang Liang cosplaying Taylor Swift with son Tiantian as Jia Baoyu on the latest season of Your Face Sounds Familiar (百变大咖秀).

爸爸去哪儿:【#爸爸去哪儿#下一站#百变大咖秀# 】男神张亮模仿女神Taylor Swift。。。。不准笑!哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

God Zhang Liang imitating goddess Taylor Swift… you’re not allowed to laugh! Hahahahahahaha.

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  1. Happy New Year everyone!

    Whoah, is that an Ironman X Mickey Mouse crossover behind Kimi? (Or am I just ignorant of super heroes?)
    Now that Fan Bingbing has a Weibo, she posts so many per day. It’s a wonder she didn’t get it sooner.

  2. Wow somehow it just feels so right that the Weibo Wednesday happens to fall on the first day of 2014!!!!! My year is not complete without cfensi!! Happy new year!!!!!!!!!

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