Music Monday: December 30, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Another brand new year is almost upon us… which means a brand new Take Happiness Home (把乐带回家) microfilm, AKA Pepsi Annual Cpop All-Star New Year Commercial. You can watch the touching microfilm from previous two years here and here. Below is the theme song for this year’s microfilm, featuring Harlem Yu (庾澄庆), Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), Ai Fei (艾菲), and Pepsi’s newest spokesperson Momo Wu (吴莫愁).

I just want to take a small poll of Music Monday. I know there aren’t many cpop focused sites out there and Cfensi mostly concentrate on mainland entertainment. But since TW and HK cpop is a huge part of cpop, would you guys like me to cover some TW and HK cpop in next year’s Music Monday? I don’t follow HK music scene at all (mostly because I don’t speak Cantonese), but if you guys want I can look into it once in a while…

Music Monday will probably be a biweekly post in the new year. (15 videos in this post)


Column 1 (T-B) Ding Xiaohua (丁少华), Zhu Huan (朱寰), Shane Cao (曹轩宾)
Column 2 (T-B) Anson Hu (胡彦斌), Ji Jie (吉杰)

Kiva Ding Xiaohua (丁少华), a familiar face on star search reality shows, is back with a new single Let’s Be Friends After the Breakup (分手以后做朋友). Piano version of this song is available here). Wishing him success in the new year.

Zhu Huan (朱寰) shows off his post-90er swag attitude with a new hiphop dance track. This child star (a virtual cookie for anyone who can dig up his old commercials) is now all grown up and ready to Get Back into the game. This listener friendly “hiphop” track is from his new EP Solo Tango (一个人的双人舞)。

This is my first time hearing something that is not a heartbreaking love song from Shane Cao (曹轩宾)… and I love it. The music video for the single To Be Excellent (耀出色) , filmed by Lai Weikang (赖伟康). This single is from Shane’s new album Rigel (参宿七), which is available on itune.

Anson Hu (胡彦斌) seems be ready for a fresh start this year by signed with a new management company and record label earlier this year. Anson participated on JSTV’s The Ultimate Entertainer (全能星战), defeating Sun Nan (孙楠), David Tao (陶喆), and Kenji Wu (吴克群) in the finals as a result of a judge’s debatable score. The single If (如果) is used as the theme song to Love Song Spark (唱出爱火花) another singing competition in which Anson is a judge.

After an attention grabbing S&M music video, Ji Jie (吉杰) is back to reminding people his age he is an idol with Rock ‘n Roll 70s (摇摆吧,70后).


Row 1 (L-R) Xu Qianya (徐千雅), Qi Wei (戚薇)
Row 2 (L-R) Yan Yidan (严艺丹), Cui Zige (崔子格), Edell Ai (爱戴)

Just in time for the new year He Muyang (何沐阳) celebrates China’s beauty with Beautiful China (美丽中国). The song is sang by Xu Qianya (徐千雅), but the song was written, composed, and directed by He Muyang. Do you guys think this song will be on the CCTV New Year Gala?

Dark Green Nail Polish (墨绿指甲) is the only love song from The Stolen (失窃之物) EP by Qi Wei (戚薇). This music video can be viewed as a deleted scene from her microfilm The Stolen. And the star of the music video (the dark green nail polish) is sponsored by Qi Wei’s boy best friend Kimi Qiao (乔任梁), who opened his own nail shop recently.

Queen of OST Yan Yidan (严艺丹) releases a single not related to any drama or movie. Love Is Coming Through is about not giving up on love due to fear of losing in the end.

Web musician Cui Zige (崔子格) invited two adorable child actors star in her MV for Little Beauty (小美人). But don’t you underestimate these little darlings, one is the child of the late Leslie Cheung’s record producer and the other is the child of Andy Lau’s former manager. O_O

Edell Ai (爱戴) release the music video to her 2nd single Ladies (名媛) from her new album SOUL LADY.


Movie Up in the Wind (等风来), Drama Beauty at the Crossfires (烽火佳人)
Movie Personal Tailor (私人定制), Drama Best Time (最美的时光)

Jing Boran (井柏然) singing the insert song for his new movie with Ni Ni (倪妮) Up in the Wind (等风来). Flying to the Other Side of the City (你飞到城市另一边) is a remake of a song by the same name by 好妹妹乐队. Did anyone watch Jing Boran and Ni Ni on Happy Camp?

Aluazhuo (阿鲁阿卓) featuring Samuel Chan (陈键锋) in this ending theme song for Beauty at the Crossfire, in which Samuel Chan stars as one of the male leads.

After celebrating their 15th anniversary, Yu Quan (羽泉) shows support for their friends and family by singing the ending theme Liberation (解放) for the movie Personal Tailor (私人定制). Directed by Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚), the film features Chen Yufan’s wife Bai Baihe (白百何), Jia Nailiang’s wife Li Xiaolu (李小璐), and nobody’s wife Zheng Kai (郑恺).

Li Hengliang (李行亮) singing the theme song to HNTV’s new idol drama Best Time (最美的时光), which is based on the novel The Most Beautiful Time by Tong Hua. The drama stars Janine Chang (张钧宁), Wallace Chung (钟汉良), and Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮).

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  1. Keep up the great work, team of cfensi! My two cents: you’re doing an excellent job with just China entertainment, stick with it- that’s what you’re good for. If we need our source of TW or HK, we know exactly where to find that…..don’t bother with it.

  2. I’m going to be honest there, the only reason i come to cfensi is to learn about mainland China, not HK or TW. I understand that mainland music isn’t always the best… but this blog is filling a niche that a lot of mainland Chinese americans/westerners cannot find.

    If I want to find HK or TW cpop, I really do not need to bother with coming to cfensi for that.

  3. I’ll take Zheng Kai as my wife!
    Lol, I’ve always found it weird that Kimi opened a nail shop since I don’t remember him ever getting his nail done….
    Has anyone been watching the mess of TLBB? The OST (minus ending song) is actually really good, and is by Lin Hai of Da Ming Palace + New Silk Road fame.

    • Tian Long Ba Bu? It’s hard not to compare it with the Jimmy Lin/Liu Yifei version. Duan Yu fits Kibum perfectly and Wallace Chung is a less intimidating Xiao Feng but still righteous and gorgeous <3 but Zhang Meng just isn't 神仙姐姐…

      • I actually feel like Zhang Meng’s the best cast of those three, except she was ruined by her stylist and the costume designer. If she had been styled the way she was as Wei Zifu, she would’ve fit the role fine. And imo, Liu Yifei wasn’t that fairy-like in TLBB because her stylist tried to make her look older than she was. Also my fondness for Zhang Meng went up by 100x ever since she declared herself a TianCheng fan.

        PS, if anyone likes bilibili, everyone’s rewatching the awesome Zhang Jizhong version now on that site. When Jimmy Lin first appears, the entire screen is filled with comments of “Daddy, do you know how to sing Little Star?”

      • In the Zhang Jizhong version, I think my ranking of the younger female cast would be Liu Tao > Jiang Xin > Shu Chang > girl who plays Zhong Ling > Ah Zi > Liu Yifei = girl who plays Ah Bi . This is despite me considering Liu Yifei’s XiaoLongNv the most beautiful Jin Yong drama character ever.
        I think in general, Liu Tao’s Ah Zhu is considered the best role of the series. I cried so much when she died.

        • Liu Tao is definite the best out the young female cast, but then I would probably rank Chen Hao (Ah Zi) before Jiang Xin. I don’t remember any of the other girls so I’ll stop there. But Mao Xiaotong’s Zhong Ling is much better than the girl from the Zhang Jizhong version.

          • Chen Hao’s portrayal was probably better, but Jiang Xin was memorable for me mostly because she was too gorgeous in that series. Chen Hao was also gorgeous, but I can’t get over how annoying Ah Zi is… And Shu Chang (TianShanTongMu) just had super impressive acting.

            I couldn’t get past ep 1 of the new versions, so I can’t really judge the roles that much other than that I don’t like any of the leads so far.

  4. LOLOLOL at “nobody’s wife Zheng Kai.”

    Thanks for sharing all of these goodies~ I may sub one of these if I have free time this week… leaning toward Yan Yidan’s, but I’m open to requests. :)

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