Ji Ke Jun Yi Celebrates Summertime With Snoop


Well… This is… Unexpected…

While some of us are getting out our winter gears, Jikejunyi (吉克隽逸) has been busy partying it up in LA. The MV for her new single Summer Time features Snoop Doggy Dogg Lion Dogg. Watch the MV below. Do you guys like this unexpected collaboration?

3 thoughts on “Ji Ke Jun Yi Celebrates Summertime With Snoop

  1. What label is she under? I’m kind of impressed. She’s had a string of good songs, and this collab was really unexpected. Although, he looks kind of creepy in that picture …

  2. She’s unique among the typical pale white complexioned celebrities in China. Wouldn’t be surprised if she got teased about being dark-skinned and advised to lighten her skin.
    One thing for certain – her beauty stands out amidst the look-alikes.

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