“Where are we going? Dad” movie coming soon


We have witnessed the growth of the kids as well as the parents in Season 1.

The first season of “Where are we going? Dad” will end on 27 December. The five fathers and their kids have left a deep impression on viewers because of their interesting and cute interactions when they carried out their missions. The movie version will give them a mission called the “Ultimate Challenge” where the five father-kid pair will head towards Guangzhou Changlong Safari Park to play with white tiger cubs, koalas, monkeys, and interact with other animals to test their limits. The director, Teng Huatao who filmed Love is Not Blind will join in this movie.

According to news reports, the movie will have a new make-over. Twenty-three cameras (claimed to be the highest number in history) will be used to film the variety show. The video production team will consist of 500 people.

It has been questioned whether the movie was filmed as a extension of the current variety show or simply as a move to earn more money. This movie completed filming in only one week and netizens have expressed their concerns about the quality of the movie. Regardless, this at least means that fans of ‘Where are we going? Dad’ can catch more of the five, cute kids in action!

Meanwhile, as we realise that Season 1 is coming to an end, let’s comfort our little vulnerable heart with some sneak peeks of the upcoming ‘movie’.

Will miss them a lot!

Will miss them a lot!


Netizens couldn’t help but to sing praises of Lin Zhiying. He looks really good here!

Adorable Angela!

Adorable Angela and adorable kaola!


Together, Father Guo and Father Wang are called ‘Guo Wang’ which means King in Chinese.


Father Wang has turned into a… prince?


Potential couple?


Stone showing his adorable side.

Oops! First, Father Tian was China's Olympic diver. Then, he became an action. And now a pharaoh?!?!

Let “the gentle father” Tian transform you with his gentleness…


Little Kimi taking a stroll in the park…

Cindy will dub her voice in the movie Despicable Me 2.

Cindy is a little princess. She will also be lending her voice to dub in the movie Despicable Me 2.

Cindy can not only run, she can jump high too.

Cindy can not only run, she can jump high too.

Have you watched the last episode of Season 1? Tears started flowing as I watched the letters written by the fathers to their children. I am sure we will all miss them.

15 thoughts on ““Where are we going? Dad” movie coming soon

  1. This is kinda random but did you guys catch the photo of Tian Tian dressed up as a girl in his Weibo? I bursted out laughing for a good five minutes. Fate brought Tian Tian and Cindy together through this show and Angela and Kimi “Heimi” are so precious together. I’m gonna miss my little Xiao Cong Chua Angela so much.

  2. Aww I really liked this cast :( I wish it was longer… I hope the movie isn’t too scripted or anything :/ Also, does anyone know what will be airing in place of this time slot now? :)

    • The movie is pretty much two episodes of the show condensed into one.
      I am Singer 2 is airing in its place! I’m super excited for this year’s line-up. ^.^

  3. I almost cried too when they read the letters at the end. I’m going to miss this show and all the kids – can’t wait for the movie.

    On another note, Tiantian calls Cindy his “wife”! I’m definately shipping this pair :p

    • How could you put that video up without warning!!! You just ruined my childhood! I thought Santa Claus was real!

      P.S. Did you see that the next day, Tiantian said he wanted to give roses to Cindy? The rose shop he was at has a rule that you can only give flowers from that shop to one person in your life!

      • Haha poor Santa Claus, well we know Tiantian won’t be getting a present from him this Christmas :p

        Aww that’s so cute! Where was this rose shop? The two of them should get married already!

        • It’s called roseonly or onlyrose, I think. Tiantian and his dad were there for promotions, and the reporter asked who he’ll give the rose to, and he said Tian Yucheng.
          I don’t think Tian Liang will give up Cindy without a fight, though. he’s put up a picture of Tiantian hugging Angela.

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