Fan Bingbing rides into Weibo with style


Make way for the Queen! Fan Bingbing’s entrance into Weibo is so awesome, it deserves its own post.

Actress Fan Bingbing fan-ally opens a Weibo account this Christmas, and she wouldn’t be Fan Bingbing if she didn’t do it in style.  A gorgeous oil painting-like still of her for upcoming film Concubine Yang  combined with the following message made sure people noticed her arrival.  Follow her here.

Finally no need to say that Master Fan is arriving, for I have returned! From today on, I’ll be living here at my palace.  This Christmas, Fan (homophone for food) is  here!  From now on, all three million in my harem, none of you will be hungry!

6 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing rides into Weibo with style

  1. Yes thank you for the post and translation~ The picture is so pretty!! Between light and colours, it’s gorgeous actually! :)

  2. thanks for the translation. such an awesome entrance haha; the picture, the message; so perfect haha

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