Music Monday: December 23, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This Music Monday include: Newage pianist Vanros Kloud (V.K克), actor-turn-sing-turn-MC Ray Zhang Rui, the beautiful Jikejuanyi (吉克隽逸), cute little Zhou Ziyan, the powerful vocal of Huang Qishan, comedian acapella party group Panda Bros, glam rock band Lilith, zhong guo feng girl group Seven Sense trying something new, underage boys and girls from TF Family and Blog Girls.

Jin Zhiwen (金志文) and Guan Zhe (关喆) – Old Friends Diary.


(L-R) Vanros Kloud (V.K克), Shawn Li Shangshang (李尚尚), Ray Zhang Rui (张睿)

The most representative Chinese Newage composer pianist V.K克 (aka Vanros Kloud) is back with his new album The 3rd Movement, which is available on itunes. Inverse Dynamic – Parallel Time and Space (逆动‧平行时空) was made for the game Deemo.

Sichuna Music Conservatory alumni Shawn Li Shangshang (李尚尚) finally becomes a signed artist two years after winning X-Factor. Shawn Li signed to Sony Music early this year and released his first album Pauper’s Journey (穷游). Lift Off (起飞) is the title to this slide show of an MV.

After singing the whole Like Flower Like Fog (花非花雾非雾) soundtrack, Ray Zhang Rui (张睿) discovered that he can kind of sing. Who Will Find Happiness First (谁先得到幸福) is from his self titled debut album, he plan to have his first concert next year in Beijing. Zhang Rui is a host on Sichuan TV’s new program Two Day One Night (两天一夜).


(L-R) Summmer Jikejuanyi (吉克隽逸), Zhou Ziyan (周子琰), Huang Qishan (黄绮珊)

Jikejuanyi (吉克隽逸) sings the theme song to The Frog Kingdom 青蛙王国之我嘞个去.

Zhou Ziyan (周子琰) aka Taylor Bebby (?) has a similar sound as most post-90er web musician. But I really enjoy this 小清新 sound, it’s a nice break from all the autotune and sappy ballads in the current cpop market. Red Light Green Light 红绿灯 is produced and distributed by evergrande music 恒大音乐.

Huang Qishan (黄绮珊) performed this new song during last month’s China Korea Song Festival, but didn’t make it into final editing due to technical issues (as you can hear in the fancam). Together 一起来 would’ve been the perfect ending song to the festival.


(T-B) Panda Bros (熊猫团), Sound Orchestra (声音乐团), Lilith

Panda Bros (熊猫团) with wood setting song Shining Shining. Some other fun performances by the group here

声音乐团 of The Voice of China season 2 released their first album Listen to My Voice 听我们的声音.

I have to admit Lilith is the first glam rock group I’ve ever listened to. Visual Kei has never been my cup of tea but this song isn’t bad and the MV is VERY tamed compare to J-rock. This Shanghai based glam rock band formed in 2010 and Affective Synergy 凛-Lin joined in November of this year. Their first EP Over the World was released in May, Fenice is from their 2nd EP.


(T-B) Seven Sense (七朵组合), TF Boys (TF家族), Blog Girls (少女部落格)

Seven Sense 七朵组合, known as the zhong guo feng idol group since their first release, is trying something new in this new single. Osmanthus Fragrance 桂花香 is about the longing for home.

Chongqing based TF Boys TF家族 are still considered trainees, but that doesn’t stop them or their company from producing great songs. Jia You! Cheers! 加油鼓手 is composed by member Ni Ziyu (倪子鱼). I wouldn’t go as far as calling him the next Liu Junlin (刘俊麟), but any 14 year old who can compose deserves a round of applauds.

And… they just keep getting younger. Blog Girls 少女部落格 average around 10 year old, ranging from 13 to 8. It’s Me is from this group’s fourth (YES 4th!!) album. I don’t think they are a girl group in the same sense as Seven Sense or SNH48, but it’s still odd to see such young girls in the entertainment industry.

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