The Four 2, detective wuxia turned fantasy?

Artsy mash-up poster for The Four 2, which finally abandons the last pretense of being a wuxia film  and goes into fantasy.

While we wait on the upcoming drama version of “The Four,”  the film version has already released their second installment,   The Four 2 starring Deng Chao, Liu Yifei, Jiang Yiyan, Wu Xiubo and Liu Yan.  Following director Gordon Chan‘s previous Painted Skin/Mural series, the second promises to up the previous film in special effects and in detachment from reality.   The film was released on December 6, continuing from where the first left off.    

Listen to the theme by Hu Xia below, and see fire-and-ice themed characters posters below the cut.

Look at me, guys.  My ear glows!!

Liu Yifei is sitting in a wheelchair already in the film.  What’s the point of locking her up that tightly?

Tree-man Wu Xiubo

Jiang Yiyan proves scheming women always have interesting reflections in their eyes.

Wise old guy, a necessary in the wuxia genre.

Calm but crazy dude.

These hairstyles… If they were sent back in time, the men would instantly be chastised for their lack of filial piety.

You have no idea how long Liu Yan spend doing her hair in the mornings.

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