Young Detective Dee Releases Trailers and Stills

Trying to out-do the graphics from the two movies (Phantom Flame and Sea Dragon) with stills.

Along with producing her own dramas with her workshop , Ruby Lin will also serve as a producer for Young Detective Dee (retitled as Young Sherlock/少年神探狄仁杰). Bosco Wong (黄宗泽) will play the titular Di Renjie and Ma Tianyu (马天宇) his trusty sidekick Yuanfang. The drama also stars Qi Wei (戚薇) and Sun Xiaoxiao (孙骁骁) as Bosco Wong and Ma Tianyu’s love interests . The series also features special appearances from Ruby Lin (林心如) and Yuan Hong (袁弘) as Empress Wu Zetian and Emperor Gaozong of Tang.

Trailers and stills below the cut.

Wearing almost the same hat as Mark Chao so you know he’s Detective Dee.

Qi Wei replaces Angelababy as the love interest.

Ma Tianyu seems to fill in as the assistant

The perky tomboy character.

I must say, historical accuracy aside, I prefer eyebrows with a more natural look…

With filming of Young Detective Dee or Long Ballad, many suspect Yuan Hong is going out with Ruby.  The release of the dramas are probably only going to add to the flames.

19 thoughts on “Young Detective Dee Releases Trailers and Stills

  1. Does anyone know where I can watch this with english subtitles? The episodes already came out, but none of them have been subbed ;(((( I really want to watch this…

  2. Why are they calling this “young Sherlock”? Except for the detective connection, Judge Dee precedes Sherlock Holmes by centuries. Can’t Chinese rely on their own identity for validation?

    • That and Di Renjie was an actual historical figure as opposed to a fictional character. Probably just for marketing purposes… Let them take it one step at a time. >.<

    • I think there’s a trend of using similar events/people for the English name to convery meaning quicker? For example, The Last Supper for the movie about HongMenYan, and My Fair Princess (reference to My Fair Lady) for Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Although the fact that Dee is a real person irks me a lot…

    • I believe it’s a TV series. I also don’t think the series has anything to do with the movie (other than the fact that they’re based on the same person).

  3. There are so many detective series coming out, and all of them with such great casts. I’m still waiting for that timetravelling detective series from Nesound to come out, though, especially given how great the Republican Justice Bao one was.
    P.S. I recently rewatched Young Justice Bao with Deng Chao. Definitely did not notice the major bromance ship when I was watching it younger. Also totally forgot Yang Rong was in it! She’s so cute.

    • It’s nice to see that people are trying to expand into different genres… as opposed to always having things so focused on the love story.

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