“Where are we going? Dad” comes to an end


Saving the world with costumes they wore on Happy Camp,  by SilentS

Hunan’s ” Where are we going? Dad 爸爸去哪儿” is approaching to an end. It has been a great success, receiving great reception in China. Many fathers, including China’s famous footballer Zheng Zhi, have volunteered to participate in Season 2.

Meanwhile, check out these cute pictures drawn by a fan, Shi Shi.



Cindy has definitely inherited her genes from dad, Tian Liang. Man, she can really run.


Stone (石头) is as tough as a man. As the oldest child in the show, he takes up the responsibility and looks after the rest of the kids.


The interaction between Tiantian (天天) and his super-model dad, Zhang Liang, is so brotherly.


Kimi is the youngest of the lot. Resembles his dad a lot!

Netizens have dubbed Zhang Liang as China’s No. 1 Super Dad – he is caring, has a great body and can cook. His Weibo fans has increased tremendously ever since the variety show started.


Kou Jing must have saved the milky way in her past life. That’s why she can find such a tall, handsome, high EQ , responsible, AND straight husband and give birth to such a understanding and kind son in this life. And then she get’s a beautiful, sweet, daughter-in-law Cindy who runs like the wind, and China’s Good Father-in-Law Tian Liang as an in-law, what a winner in life!

Check out the answers these kids gave in Episode 8 when the Village Leader asked them things regarding their fathers.


Angela: My father is a stinky dad…

Village Leader: Do you like your mum or dad more?

Angela: Dad and mum… I like both of them.


Village Leader: Does your father love you?

Stone: Sometimes … he loves me.

Village Leader: Does he not love you sometimes?

Stone: Sometimes when he doesn’t love me … he doesn’t pay attention to me.

Village Leader: What words do you want to tell your father the most?

Stone: I love you ba…

*strict father being touched by the words of his son*


Village Leader: Who listens to whom at home?

Cindy: Mummy listens to dad! And then… grandpa, grandma, granny and gramps listens to dad.


Village Leader: Who does your family listen to? Your mum or you dad?

Tian Tian: My mum. At home, my mum is number one, I’m number two, and my dad is number three.   … Wait! Mum is number one, I’m number two, and my dad is number four.  (number three is their dog Curry)

Village Leader: What do you wish for the most?

Tiantian: I wish that my dad can be the kindest and gentle father.

Village Leader: Do you like to be with your dad or mum more?

Tiantian: I like to be with both of them forever, and he’ll love me and I’ll love him.

Start watching this addictive variety show here.

And here are some more from SilentS@tianya!

“Wrapping up my favorite things” – Tiantian wraps up her princess egg, Stone with his favorite stuffed animal, and her personal favorite Zhang Liang.

“Son, let dig … dig to the South Pole!” – Zhang Liang. Meanwhile, Tiantian gives a flower to Cindy. Tiantian’s mom liked this on Weibo!

Super-strength Cindy, “Gourd hero” Stone, food-lover Angela, and egg-hatcher Tiantian.

And ones by :https://i0.wp.com/ww2.sinaimg.cn/crop.0.42.980.300/e0f855c3tw1eao3e32cz2j20r80ao0xf.jpg?w=584

13 thoughts on ““Where are we going? Dad” comes to an end

    • aawww Shitou, i’m glad that BBQN has allowed him the opportunity to express himself and say how he feels about his dad’s love for him (it’s hard to do this in normal life). Glad that Guo Tao was able to hear how his son feels.
      Omg the ranking in the Zhang family, that cracked me up so much. had to replay that scene so many times.
      Gonna miss seeing the kids on the show. Would like a couple of more eps, but i’m glad that they’re not doing this for too long; the kids are still young. plus we still got weibo ^^ although we may not get 1hour++ of the kids onscreen, i’m sure we’ll still get photos, maybe stories, videos even..

      looking forward to, although also not looking forward to the last ep hahaha ><

  1. I love this show! The kids are so cute and sometimes they say/do the funniest things. Love the part in the last episode where the kids receive mission cards but none of them knew how to read.

    There will be a movie released on Chinese New Year where they go on one last mission to the zoo. The filming is already complete.

  2. I’m really going to miss the pairings of the current season, especially Tian Liang and Cindy!

    (Also, just want to point out that Kimi is not the youngest, Angela is.)

    • Yeah they will not be coming back :( But apparently there is a movie that will be released next year if I’m not wrong! Just finished watching the latest episode. OMG I will really miss all of the kids. T_T And the trailer for episode 11 is so touching. SIGH.

        • As much as I will miss them I don’t think it is necessary for any of them to come back. It’s not as marketable and I have a feeling the returning kids will be bored of it already and they will also have a significant advantage of knowing what will happen. One of the great things of this show is watching how the kids grow and become more independent e.g. Kimi which won’t mean as much coming back for a whole second season.

          Maybe they can come back as a special guest for 1 or 2 episodes but not the whole season.

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