Jacky Xue returns with a new album after May car accident


Everyone wears masks, what’s yours?

Jacky Xue Zhiqian (薛之谦) is preparing for the release of his new album Accident/意外 with the reveal of 3 singles from the upcoming album. This album comes 8 years after Jacky’s debut and barely 6 months after his car accident in Thailand. Watch the MV for the three singles Ugly (丑八怪), Accident (意外), and What Else Do You Want From Me (你还要我怎样) below. The MV for the first single Ugly was filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The title song Accident (意外).

3 thoughts on “Jacky Xue returns with a new album after May car accident

  1. Ooh, I spy the Urban Light lamps! Did Jacky Xue film at LACMA for 妳還要我怎樣? I was there recently~

    Love, love, love his voice, and these new singles as well. It’s great that he’s recovered!

  2. Yay, Jacky Xue post! :D
    你还要我怎样 was (also) shot in SF! I love that song and mv because I’m going through something similar. :(
    I’m glad he has recovered from the accident, and with the new material. I recently rediscovered how much I still love his older songs and I really like these new singles too. :)

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