Dad, everyone loves Shitou!


“Psst, now that I’ve walked in on you changing twice, I won’t abandon you!”

The “macho man” that Tiantian looks up to, the boy who can beat Cindy at arm wrestling and running , the older brother who picks a worse house so that the younger kids won’t cry, Shitou (Guo Zirui) was unanimously voted everyone’s favorite by the other kids on the Yunnan trip of Where are we going? Dad . Soft-hearted and insecure himself, Shitou switches between strong, thoughtful, caring, and shy.

Another set of stills from the Yunnan episode featuring everyone’s favorite Shitou!


3 thoughts on “Dad, everyone loves Shitou!

  1. Shitou is so cute <3 But it breaks my heart every time he says something like "I'm not sure if my dad loves me" or "he's always so strict with me, I don't think he loves me". I know his dad loves him. But may be more strict with him because he's the oldest of the bunch. I wish he would treat Shitou with the kind of patience he showed Kimi.

    btw did anyone see all the backlash Jimmy (and Cindy for some reason) received for the daddy-swap episode? What’s wrong with people?

      • I think they were mostly either upset that Jimmy didn’t know how to deal with Cindy and/or Cindy kept crying. But seriously, all little kids cry if they’re scared to lose their parents, and I think it’ll be hard for any adult to stop Cindy from crying.

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