A Prince of Orchid Hills that actually needs a mask

The fairest of them all, even without cross-dressing?

I’m beginning to think that another reason this Prince of Orchid Hills would wear a mask is to protect his cute features – better a nick in the mask than a scar on the cheek! The drama, based on a 2009 novel of the same name, stars Andy Chen Yi and Baby Zhang Hanyu. More pictures below the cut. 

In this legend, instead of a magic heaven maiden, a person needs the Qingluan mirror and Lican sword to unite and rule the country. These treasures were once the treasures of the Dragon Sect, but because of the times’ turbulence have been lost. Before dying, the priestess of the Dragon Sect told its last member – Duanmu Ling (Zhang Hanyu)- the  location of the two treasures. She also warned Duanmu Ling that these treasures could not, under any circumstances, fall into the hands of the unscrupulous, for only the true son of heaven was worthy of using them. (More synopsis below the cut). In search of the treasures, Duanmu Ling pretends to to be the niece of the wife of the high official Sikong of the Northern Zhou court, infiltrating the Sikong household . At this time, Duanmu Ling meets the Prince of Orchid Hills, Gao Changgong (Andy Chen Yi), and Yuwen Yong of the Northern Zhou. With each, she discovers a love story. (SPOILER ALERT:) Ultimately, Duamu Ling helps Yuwen Yong become emperor, but chooses to live (or die) with the Prince of Orchid Hills.

He still has abs in this still, so this shouldn’t be /entirely/ photoshopped…

(Looks up…They’re really the same person…?)

7 thoughts on “A Prince of Orchid Hills that actually needs a mask

  1. Did he died in the show cos there is ep47..where he woke up. A bit confused now especially for us cannot read and understand mandarin well. Hopefully there will be some kind hearted soul to translate for us

    • The series just finished filming this week, so it’ll be a while before they finish post-production. I don’t know of any TV that’s brought the show yet, so it could be a few months or a few years.

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