Photoshoot Friday: Red, Green, and White

Zhang Jingchu is a fairytale princess, vying with Zhao Wei to be the queen of red roses. Ying’er must be Little Red Riding Hood then, with her riding cap and red coat. Meanwile, Jiang Wenli relaxes with breezy greenery and bright red tropical flowers. Ni Ni won’t be left out either, decking out in a red dress; Angelababy adds the feeling of snow with a white dress and a stunning necklace. Red lipstick isn’t enough for Bai Baihe – she also carries red gloves, a watermelon, and a red pepper through the pictures in her shoot. Zhang Jingchu, more here.

Jiang Wenli, more here.

Zhao Wei, more here.

Ni Ni, more here.

Ying’er, here. 


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