Duke of Mount Deer releases new trailer

Your face after seeing this trailer.

With their latest adaptation of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils as well as Virtuous Queen of Han, Huace Media is poised to release a barrage of adaptations of Chinese epics in literature and history.  Adding to the list of epics will be their adaptation of Duke of Mount Deer, starring Wei Qianxiang, Lou Yixiao, Jia Qing, Zhang Xinyu, Wu Qian, and (probably most importantly) Zhang Meng and Han Dong.

This 50-episodes behemoth has recently released its first trailer (6 minutes!!  A baby by Chinese trailer-length standards).  More stills below the cut.

Okay.  Back to studying for finals.

Channeling Vampire Queen/Bride of Frankenstein/Flying Cobra-Bat-Woman… wait wut?!?

We scrimped and saved our funding during costuming but somehow ended up with some money left over… so we decided to set a new record in ostentatious headdresses… either that or break somebody’s neck…

What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Duke of Mount Deer releases new trailer

  1. I’m a little disappointed that the A Ke isn’t as pretty as I hoped for… the actress is pretty but just not ideal for A Ke in my opinion. But Zhang Meng as Shuang Er who seems to have a bigger part ahhh! :D I like how this production is a “bright” drama compared to the one with Huang Xiao Ming which was “dark” and left me feeling depressed for some reason… It also seems like they change the plot which I’m fine with but I hope the ending isn’t too different from the original like how the one with Dicky Cheung ended.

    • Dicky Cheung’s version does not have the same ending as any editions of the book…
      Also, knowing the production company and team, chances are the majority of the story will be shipping Kangxi and Wei Xiaobao.

      • Oh I think you misunderstood me. I meant that I hope it doesn’t changes the ending of the original like how the one with Dicky Cheung changed its ending. Sorry for my awkward phrasing!

  2. This is could be a make or it break it role for Han Dong. Though he did gain more popularity through Bu Bu Jing Xin, he still needs a role to will really propel him to the big leagues like it did his co-stars, Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi. Personally I like the Tong Leung version the best, but this looks quite different from that version and I have yet to see Han Dong acting out such a frivolous character. I think he’ll do well, but we’ll just have to see how well this does when it comes out!!!

  3. “Okay. Back to studying for finals.” LOLOLOL O……….YES…..THAT IS WHAT I MUST DO VERY SOON. x___x

    And wow those hairstyles, I cannot get over how…tall..they are. O____O””

    • I know!! If anybody tries to top them on hair-stacking, it’ll probably get to the point of being more of a hazard during filming.

      Good luck with finals though! :)

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