Where are we going? To the desert!

Tiantian screensaver

Tiantian the model, providing yours truly with a new screensaver every trip.

Stills of mostly Kimi, Zhang Tiantian, and Zhang Liang from the desert trip of Where are we going? Dad.    The group went desert camping, camel-riding,  fishing, goat  herding, cow milking, and helped to build grass grids to prevent desertification in Shapotou.

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Kimi shows you how to be #Likeaboss

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…or not

Kimi egg

Kimi carefully protects his egg, little did he know what was coming …

Tiantian mai

Next year, will we see a whole patch of Tiantian’s?

Tiantian eat

Angela shows you all the expressions for enjoying food.

kimi dig

Preventing desertification, one baby at a time.

Tiantian dad
kimi profile

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